Noxubee County HS (Macon, MS) QB Omar Conner

Gene's Page interviewed Noxubee County HS (Macon, MS) quarterback Omar Conner (6-1, 205, 4.5) on June 24th. Omar Conner is considered one of the top quarterbacks in the south.

Omar, I'm calling to get a recruiting update. Is this a good time to talk with you?
"This is a good time."

What honors did you win last year?
"I won district Most Valuable Player."

Didn't you also make The Clarion-Ledger All-State second team?
"Yes sir."

Do you remember your stats from last season?
"Yes sir, I had over 1,000 passing. I believe it was 1,492. I threw 16 TDs. I had over 1,000 rushing." [According to the year-end stats in The Clarion-Ledger, Omar threw 156 passes, completing 87 for 1,549 yards and 16 TDs. He rushed 113 times for 1,012 yards and 17 TDs.-Gene]

What do you feel are your strengths on the football field?
"My leadership. I feel like there are 11 guys out there and I not only feel like I can make the play but my teammates can as well. My teammates motivate me."

How long have you played quarterback?
"Since I was about 6 years old. I played with people like (Ole Miss football player) Nate Wayne when I was little."

Have you played anything other than quarterback?
"Just quarterback."

What camps have you attended this summer?
"Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Jackson State."

Are you going to attend any others this summer?
"LSU and Georgia."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school or schools?
"Yes sir, I really like the schools around here like Mississippi State, Southern Miss and Ole Miss. I also like Virginia Tech and the Florida Gators and Clemson."

What schools are mailing you letters?
"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU, Clemson, Auburn, the University of Central Florida, Marshall, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Southern Miss, Jackson State, Valley State......"

What schools are not sending you letters (laugh)?

It sounds like most of the schools in the south are mailing you letters. What about schools in other areas of the country?
"Northwestern, Michigan, Notre Dame."

It sounds like you are receiving letters from just about every schools in the nation?
"Yes sir."

During May, do you remember what colleges called you?
"I got a call from (Mississippi state head football coach) Jackie Sherrill. I talked to Cutcliffe from Ole Miss. He was the first one to call me. I talked to the LSU coach, Nick Saban. I talked to Melvin Smith at Alabama. I talked to Coach Lolley from Auburn. West Virginia called me. Their coach is Coach Trickett. Coach Barnes called me from Clemson. He is their running back coach. Georgia called me. I talked to a dude named Jon Fabris. He used to live in Starkville. I think that is all that called me."

What colleges have offered you a scholarship?
"Everybody that I mentioned has offered me."

What schools are you most interested in right now?
"Really, all of them."

So your options are pretty open?
"Yes sir."

That should wrap it up. I don't usually call more than once during the summer since not a lot happens during the summer months as far as recruiting is concerned. Do you mind if I call you about once a month during the fall?
"You can call anytime you want. I'm always able to talk."

Alright, Omar. Thanks a lot.
"Yes sir. You have a nice night."

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