One of Mississippi's Best Visits MSU

Oxford High School junior baseball player Davis Horton visited Mississippi State this past Sunday for their Junior Day. He talked about his experience while at State, as well as several other baseball-related things.

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Davis and his parents got to Mississippi State bright and early Sunday morning for a full day of activity capped off by the Mississippi State-Arkansas game.

"I got to (Mississippi State's Junior Day) at nine o'clock (Sunday) morning," said the 6-4, 215-pound power-hitter. "About 9:30 (MSU assistant coaches (Tommy) Raffo and (Russ) McNickle did an introduction. There were about 20 (juniors) there from Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. After that, we split up into two groups and they gave us a tour of the field, the dugout, the locker room ... behind the scenes things. Then, they took us into the new coaches offices and the Palmeiro Center. Then (Everett Kennard) took us on the team charter bus and showed us around the campus. After that, we went back and Coach Polk talked to us in the (banquet hall) and they fed us.

"Something that impressed me as well as my mom and my dad about the coaches as a whole, not just Coach Polk, were their beliefs and their philosophy about religion and family. And how Coach Polk stresses the three A's - academics, attitude and ability. Those were huge to not only me but to my parents because they have always stressed that growing up."

Despite Mississippi State losing the Sunday baseball game, Davis was impressed with his experience at the game, especially his time in the Left Field Lounge.

"At the game I sat with (MSU freshmen) Cade Hoggard and Ryan Duffy," he said. "I've seen it and I've heard about (the Left Field Lounge), but until you experience it ... that Left Field Lounge was awesome."

Now that he's had time to think about it, what are his overall impressions of the visit?

"Overall, I was totally impressed. And my parents were really impressed," said the youngster. "Mainly I like how Coach Polk and the entire staff stress more than just baseball. I like how they stress the entire package."

"They did everything the right way. I just feel like I could really fit in and be comfortable there."

Obviously, Mississippi State is recruiting him. What other schools are showing interest in him?

"In baseball, pretty much the SEC West - Ole Miss, (Mississippi) State, Auburn and I've gotten a couple of things from LSU - is showing interest in me," said Davis. "Also Oklahoma, Arizona State, Memphis, Southern Miss. I went to a Showcase at Florida State over Christmas. They signed Kyle Maxey from Mississippi last year. I got to see him. It was a good experience."

Davis is not only a great baseball player, but he's also a football player who is receiving some interest in football.

"Right now, I'm being recruited primarily for baseball, but I'm getting interest in football," he explained. "But because of Matt (Malouf starting last year), I didn't get a lot of playing time last year. Really, I'm not known right now and have a lot to prove on the football field."

He's recently visited several of the schools that are writing him.

"I went to Auburn's camp over Christmas. I also got invited to Ole Miss' winter camp in January," said Davis. "My dad and I were busy being on the road. We went from Auburn straight to Florida State the day after Christmas. We came back New Year's Day. I also went to (Mississippi) State's one-day winter hitting came in January."

And it appears he made quite an impression at the camps he's attended.

"All the camps that I have been to, the coaches came up and talk to me," said Davis. "For instance, when I went to Auburn they told me that they really like my left-handed stroke. And they've invited me back. I met the head coach at Florida State, Mike Martin, who is kind of like (MSU head) Coach (Ron) Polk down there, he's like a legend. I met he and his son, who is the assistant head coach. They actually came up to me and asked where I was from. They called me the Mississippi boy the whole camp because there really weren't any other Mississippi boys there. Hopefully, I caught their eye."

He's also hoping to catch the eye of other college coaches as well while attending a few baseball camps this summer ... and even a few football-related events.

"Arizona State wants me to come to their camp this summer. Auburn wants me to come back. I get camp brochures like that from a lot of the SEC teams," noted Davis. "I'm not sure how many camps I will make because I'm going back to Oklahoma and play with the (Mississippi) Stars (in the Sunbelt Baseball Classic in McAlester, OK). I also have been invited to the East Coast Showcase and, hopefully, (I'll make the) Joplin U.S. Trials. And football comes in there, too. There are a few (football) dates that have come up that I might need to go to because I have been invited."

He talked a little more in-depth about the East Coast Showcase, a very prestigious event that only a select few players are invited to.

"I got invited to the East Coast Showcase, which is at Mississippi State on June 14th, the day I get back from Oklahoma," said Davis. "The East Coast Showcase is totally pro. They say it is the most legit Showcase. They say 100's of scouts, D-I coaches, attend it. I think there are about 60 to 70 of the top guys from the southeast that are invited. What they do is take 22 guys from that group and they go play in Wilmingham, North Carolina."

Davis is obviously an extremely talented baseball player that is wanted by a lot of schools. Is he ready to name a favorite or two among the colleges that are recruiting him?

"Right now, because it's so early, I really don't have a favorite," said Davis. "People ask me, but, to be honest, I want to play at a good school that is going to be the best fit for me. They are all even as far as I'm concerned. I an interested in all of the ones that are interested in me."

Keep it on for the latest developments as we follow Davis' recruitment right up until signing day.

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