Answering Questions 4-6

Before spring practice started the staff at USFNation came up with 10 important questions that were to be answered after the spring game. Here's our take on questions 4-6. Included is- who's the starting center, who replaces Carothers and Davis on the Oline and how will the loss of Johhny Peyton affect the wideouts. Read on for the entire story.

4. Who will earn the starting center job, left vacant by John Miller?

Coming into the spring the battle was wide open between Nick Capogna and Jacob Griffin. Starting out, Capogna saw the majority of the snaps and was playing well until a high ankle sprain sent him to the sidelines. Griffin came in and didn't really look too comfortable. Then in about the second week something clicked, he started playing better and looked much more confident. However, the injury bug caught Griffin who broke a finger 10 days before the spring game.

During the second half of practices Griffin was the better of the two. He really came on late before he broke his finger. Then in the actual game Capogna came back and played solid enough to probably take back the starting position going into the summer. Another name to mention is Jason Fox. When Griffin or Capogna was injured it was Fox who moved to second string. He had a decent spring and would be a good backup if either of the other two were to go down in the fall.

Answer: Not much was solved this spring due to both guys getting injured. However, both played enough for the coaches to get a quality evaluation. The spring wasn't a waste, it just didn't present a clear-cut starter. Capogna may have a slight advantage, but Griffin was playing great before his hand injury.

5. What players will replace Frank Davis, and Chris Carothers on the Offensive Line?

Replacing Davis and Carothers is similar to replacing Hall, there are not two offensive linemen on this team that can replace the leadership and wisdom of those two seniors. That will come with time, but as far as the talent goes, the Bulls will be ok.

The only "sure-thing" looked to be Walt Walker at right tackle. He started at RT from day one and never looked back. At the other guard position it looks as if Matt Huners would be the starter because he played the final three weeks with the first team. This would be the case if Thed Watson wasn't returning from injury. When Thed went down Danny Tolley moved over from left guard to play tackle. Tolley had an excellent spring and I assume that when Thed comes back he'll be the front-runner for the starting left guard position.

Answer: Walter Walker will be the starter at right tackle. Then on the other side, I think Tolley has the edge. Had Watson not gone down, Tolley would not have been moved to tackle and Huners would still be on the second team.

6. What receivers will step up in the absence of Johnny Peyton?

Johnny who? When Johnny Peyton was dismissed from the team before the spring started, there were worries that his offensive presence would be missed. Then entered Amp Hill who came out and showed everyone that his surgically repaired knee was just fine. Amp had a great spring, he brought something the Bulls receivers have lacked, consistency.

With Hill and Amarri Jackson on the outside, and the always steady Jackie Chambers on the inside most fans would consider that a pretty good receiving core, but there were a couple surprises this spring. The biggest being Marcus Edwards, he had fairly un-productive year last season as a freshman, but came out this hot this spring. Edwards caught everything in sight and showed some big-play capabilities.

Other receivers who impressed were Taurus Johnson, who could be the Bulls best deep threat this year. He has an explosive burst off the line to go along with his great hands. Even new-comer Ean Randolph looks like he will contribute this year.

Answer: The answer to this question isn't who will step up, but how many will bring their game to the next level. It seems that last year was a growing year and this is a much more mature group than what took the field last year. There may still be the occasional drop, but it won't be as frequent as last year.

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