Byrd Bullish on MSU?

One of the most talented Quarterbacks in the State of Alabama is Foley High School's Roosevelt Byrd. Byrd helped turn around a Foley program that had done it's fair share of losing. Two straight losing seasons and a coaching change later and Foley made it to the 2005 State playoffs.

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Nearly every school in the Southeastern United States has expressed some level of interest in Roosevelt. The first day of Spring practice, Alabama head coach Mike Shula stopped by to get a look for himself. Shula is not alone in his admiration. Foley offensive coordinator, Joel Williams, reports that Byrd is pretty popular during "mail call".

"He is hearing from everybody in the SEC and the ACC," said Williams. "Pretty much all the schools in the Southeast are writing him regularly. We have player mailboxes and his is always just slam full of letters every day. He is 6'1''. If he was two inches taller he would be coast-to-coast type guy, a national recruit."

Byrd completed just over 58% of his passes for 2,313 yards and 25 touchdowns in 2005 for 6A Foley High School. 6A is Alabama's highest classification.

Roosevelt was selected to play in the Alabama High School All-Star game where he collected MVP honors for the South squad in a 16-7 victory.

While there are a lot of pure athletes playing Quarterback in the high school ranks that project to play other positions in college, Byrd appears to be a true pocket passer.

"He is not being recruited as an athlete. He is getting recruited as a Quarterback," said Coach Williams. "One of the things that separates the great Quarterbacks from the good Quarterbacks is the ability to throw the "out" route. In college you're going to see a lot of cover four and you have to be able to make that throw. Roosevelt can throw it out there just as nice as you want it."

A new staff always brings new schemes and new ideas to a program. Often times that leads to position changes and Byrd was happy to make the transition.

"Roosevelt is only a one year starter at Quarterback, so he only has about a year and a half of QB experience under his belt," explained Williams. "We all came in here together. They were 0-10 and 2-8 the two years before we got here. We only had 32 kids in a 6A program now we have well over 100. They had him at defensive end and we moved him to QB."

With so many schools recruiting Roosevelt, one would think he could afford to be picky. What type of football program is he looking for? Have any programs been able to take an early lead?

"He doesn't really have any clear cut favorites. He wants to play in a throwing offense, so what schools do offensively will make a difference. He can scramble, but he considers himself more of a pocket passer. He likes to play in the gun, but he is not looking to run. He can, but he would rather stay in the pocket and deliver the football," explained Williams.

Mississippi State has already offered Roosevelt a scholarship and it appears to have made an impact on him. Is there any thing special about Mississippi State or was the impact simply because they were the first to offer?

"He was really excited. He likes (Mississippi State Head Coach) Sly Croom an awful lot. He loves Sly's background and the fact that he was with Green Bay. The West Coast Offense is very interesting to him. We do some things with a west coast flavor, so that is something he is comfortable with," said Williams. "MSU has been on him for a long time and Roosevelt really admires Sly. His interest in Mississippi State is genuine."

Can Mississippi State and Sly Croom lure this All-Star Quarterback from the land of Tide and Tigers? Or will another school emerge for Byrd's signature? Stay with to find out.

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