Three on Ken Whigham's mind

Ken Whigham (WR, Wayne County, MS) - In 2005, Ken hauled in 52 catches for 1,014 yards and 13 touchdowns.

What are his strengths?

"I can just run over folks," stated the matter of fact Ken Whigham. "I can not be bumped at the line. I am too strong. I just dominate. Nobody can hold me."

What will he need to work on for the next level?

"My speed and quickness. I also need to get stronger."

Has Ken received any scholarship offers?

"USM has offered me. MSU has been wanting me to go to their camp. A lot of folks are writing me, wanting me to come to their camps."

Which colleges write weekly?

"MSU, Houston, and Florida. Auburn really does not write me every week but those others do."

Ken has not had any phone contact with the college coaches, nor has anyone scouted his practices yet, but he expects that to change.

"I think it is going to really pick up after our Spring game."

Which colleges have caught Ken's eye?

"Mississippi State, Auburn, and Florida."

What does he like about MSU?

"I just like their colors. That is about all I like."

And Auburn?

"I got a lot of friends who go there with Steve Gandy and Michael McLaughlin. Auburn will be hard to beat if they offer me. Plus, they have my school colors."

What stands out about Florida?

"I just like them. They are close to home, only like four hours away. That is why I like Florida. They like to air it out too. They like to go deep, which is what I do best."

What will be the main factors when it comes to decision time?

"I want to see what their graduation percentage is, and how good of a support group will they have for me."Z

Ken recently made a 17 on the latest ACT test and has a 2.5 GPA.


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