Hoover Race Tightens With Three Weeks Left

SEC standings are based on won-loss percentage. Seedings in the SEC Tournament are based first on Divisional champions, who will be the top-seeds in the respective brackets regardless of percentage; then 3-through-8 by won-loss percentage with ties broken as necessary.

Current Overall Standing/SEC Record/Percentage/(remaining series)

1.Alabama 15-6 .714 (@Arkansas, Florida, @Tennessee)

2.Kentucky 13-8 .619 (Mississippi, Miss.State, @Georgia)

3.South Carolina 13-8 .619 (Georgia, Tennessee, @Vanderbilt)

4.Mississippi 13-8 .619 (@Kentucky, Arkansas, @Miss.State)

5.Arkansas 11-10 .524 (Alabama, @Mississippi, Auburn)

6.Vanderbilt 11-10 .524 (@Tennessee, @LSU, S.Carolina)

7.Georgia 10-11 .476 (S.Carolina, @Auburn, Kentucky)

8.Mississippi State 9-11 .450 (Florida, @Kentucky, Mississippi)

9.Auburn 9-12 .429 (LSU, Georgia, @Arkansas)

10.LSU 8-13 .381 (@Auburn, Vanderbilt, @Florida)

11.Tennessee 7-13 .350 (Vanderbilt, @S.Carolina, Alabama)

12.Florida 6-15 .286 (@Miss.State, Vanderbilt, LSU)

Tiebreaks as of this week:

#2--Kentucky def. S.Carolina 3-0, while S.Carolina def. Mississippi 2-1. Mississippi plays Kentucky this week.

#5 Arkansas def. Vanderbilt 2-1.

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