Receives His First Call From a College Coach

Coffeeville (MS) High School's outstanding running back Lee Chambers received his first call from a college coach Monday. He talked about the call as well as his list of schools. Another school has jumped to the top of his list.

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And who was the first college coach to call Lee?

"(Assistant) Coach (Derrick) Nix from Southern Miss called (Monday). As soon as I came in from football practice he called. He said he wanted to be the first one to call because he wanted to show me how bad he wanted me down at Southern Miss," said an excited Lee Chambers. "He made sure he was the first to call Lee Chambers. That's what he said. Out of all the people that they are recruiting he said he made sure I was the first person that he called. That made me feel like I'm really needed down there at Southern Miss. He talked to me for about 30 to 45 minutes then he talked to my mother for maybe 25 minutes. Then I talked to him again right after he and my mother got finished talking."

While Lee was excited to receive his first call from a college coach, Coach Nix probably got off the phone even more excited.

"I told him that they had moved up to my leader. He was excited to hear that," said Lee. "Right now, he's trying to find a way to get me down there for an unofficial visit because I have never been to Hattiesburg. He said next week was their last week of school. And I wanted to visit before school is out, but it seems like I'm going to have to wait until the summer. I'm going to try to get down there early June, maybe the 8th or 9th."

Lee mentioned that Southern Miss has replaced Mississippi State as his leader. What does his list of schools look like?

"My list of schools are, first, Southern Miss, second is Louisville, third is Mississippi State, fourth is South Carolina, fifth is Alabama, sixth I would say Florida State," said Lee. "I've got an offer from Ole Miss, but I'm not even considering them anymore."

He explained why those six schools made his list.

Southern Miss - "It's like my relationship that I had with Coach Gillespie of the University of South Carolina. Me and Coach Nix, the running backs coach at Southern Miss, we have formed a relationship like that. He was the second coach to come by my school. He stayed after practice a long time talking to (Coffeeville head) Coach (David) Baughman. He has been texting me every single day, asking me how everything has been going. And when I get home from practice I always call him every single day. We'll talk football and then we'll talk off-the-field stuff."

Louisville - "They send me a lot of pictures. About two days back they sent me a picture of a wanted poster with my face on it. I think that was real nice of them. I've got it posted in the hallway of the school so that everybody can see it. It was just that nice. They sent me another with (Louisville starting running back) Michael Bush on one side and me on the other side. They said they aren't looking for the next Michael Bush, they are looking for the first Lee Chambers. Plus, I talk to (Assistant) Coach (Joe) Whitt from there and (Assistant) Coach (Reggie) Johnson, the one who came to my school. They told me that they are losing their top two running backs next year. Really, my main interest is in the schools that are losing their top running backs because I'm trying to come in and play early. That's what has them up to the top."

Mississippi State - "I like the environment down there. I went there and they made me feel like I was already a member of the Bulldog family. The football players came up and talked to me, telling me about how good of a place it is to come and play football. I love Mississippi State, but they haven't been talking to me any lately. I call (Assistant) Coach (J.B.) Grimes but I always get his voicemail. It seems like they aren't showing me any interest. It's been awhile since I've talked to a Mississippi State coach."

South Carolina - "My interest in South Carolina was really based around my relationship with Coach Gillespie. And like I said about Mississippi State, I haven't been talking to him lately either."

Alabama - "I like their winning tradition. I'm the type player who likes to win and I'm going to do what it takes to win. And Alabama has a good program that is known for all their national championships and their SEC championships. If you want to win I think it's a great school to go to, but as far as me playing early, I don't have a great chance to come in and play early at Alabama."

Florida State - "I really don't know much about them. I was talking to their coach, Coach Sexton, and he was telling me that they are losing two of their top backs. I have talked to him once."

Although he didn't mention them among his leaders, two other schools are showing serious interest in him.

"A coach from Arkansas State came by today and picked up my highlight film. He told my coach that he had seen my highlights on Scout," said Lee. "He told Coach Baughman that they were probably going to offer soon. I also received my first letter from Miami today. It was a handwritten letter."

Is there any chance that he might commit early to Southern Miss?

"My interest in Southern Miss is so high right now that if I like what I see when I go to Hattiesburg then I'm going to commit," said Lee.

Two schools that were his leaders the last time I talked to him, Mississippi State and South Carolina, are hoping that's not the case. In fact, both of those schools, as well as one of his other leaders, will be attending a practice of his during the next few days.

"Coach Grimes is coming by this Wednesday and Coach Gillespie from South Carolina is coming by May 8th," noted Lee. "(Assistant) Coach (Billy) Sexton from Florida State said he was going to be by my school on May 12th."

What affect will these coaches visiting Lee's school have on his possible early commitment to Southern Miss? Keep it right here on to find out.

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