Attention Picks Up After Combine Performance

Madison Ridgeland Academy quarterback Dallas Walker had his chance to shine in front of numerous college coaches last Saturday at the All-American combine held on the campus of the University of Alabama. Based on the attention that he's received since then, he obviously passed with an A+.

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"The letters have definitely picked up a lot since the combine. Yesterday, in the mail, I got letters from Oklahoma, Nebraska and NC State. NC State and Nebraska I've received stuff from, but that was the first that I got something from Oklahoma," said the 6-5, 206-pounder. "Marshall just started sending a bunch of stuff this week. I've gotten a few letters from Alabama just in the past couple of days. (Madison Ridgeland Academy head) Coach (Mack Norwood) said that Vanderbilt had called a day or two ago. Coach also said that (Ole Miss Assistant) Coach (Hugh) Freese had called last week. He said they were still interested and they were going to come out and watch us this week. Florida State has been showing interest in me off and on. My coach told me that (FSU Assistant Coach) Darrell Dickey has called him a few times. Last week, (FSU Assistant) Coach Mickey Andrews stopped by and talked to (my) Coach. He told my coach that they want me to come to their Senior camp. He said he and (FSU Head) Coach (Bobby) Bowden want to see me throw in person."

Four other schools have called him personally this week.

"Auburn called May 1st. Auburn's (Assistant) Coach (Don) Dunn called that night," said Dallas. "Memphis and Southern (Miss) called as well. (MSU Assistant) Coach (Woody) McCorvey called about 30 minutes ago." [This interview was done Thursday night.-Gene]

Not only have coaches called, but three were at his school Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

"Memphis' Clay Helton and Mississippi State coach Woody McCorvey were out there (Wednesday) and stayed for the full practice," said Dallas. "(Southern Miss Head) Coach (Jeff) Bower was also in school (Thursday) morning and stopped by and spoke with (my) coach."

Based on the conversations that he had with the coaches all are very interested in him and a couple may be very close to officially offering him.

"(Memphis) Coach (Clay) Helton and (Head) Coach Tommy West said I have a home there and all I have to do is say the word and I'm there," said Dallas. "Memphis (Clay Helton) called me after practice and said all I would have to do is say the word and I will be a Memphis Tiger. He, basically, said they were going to offer without actually saying it. He told me to be patient because it's coming. (Southern Miss Assistant) Coach (Jay) Hopson said the same thing. I called him after practice and spoke with him a little bit to see what he thought about the practice. He said the same thing; Coach Bower and he were going to call me later this month with the big call. He said that I have a home there and that I was going to be the guy they are going after to step in and play quarterback for them the next few years."

While those two schools appear to be on the verge of offering, two more have increased their interest significantly based on what they said during their telephone conversations with him.

"(Coach Dunn) was at the combine. Basically, he said they were going to be looking at me and that he was going to try and make it out to spring practice next week." said Dallas. "He said he would love to have me at their Senior camp this summer.

"Woody McCorvey talked about checking my height and weight and that I threw the ball real well yesterday. He said I have a strong arm. He said that he was going to keep in touch with me and that he was looking forward to me coming to their Senior Day (camp) because they want to evaluate me some more. He said he had heard good things from the combine from this past weekend. He also talked to me about my family."

Now that he's got a clearer understanding about what schools are most interested in him, he's firming up his favorites list.

"I definitely like Memphis and Southern a lot. They have good programs and I've gone to their camps and have gotten to know their coaches real well," explained Dallas. "I'm definitely interested in Auburn. I'm interested in hearing what (Coach Dunn) has to say next week. They weren't even on my mind a couple of weeks ago. Him calling was kind of a surprise. And definitely Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Both have real good programs and I would like to have an opportunity to play for them. And I love Florida State and Alabama. I love both of those schools. I have wanted to play for Florida State since I can remember. If they should happen to offer me I would definitely have to consider them."

When it comes time to make a decision, what criteria will he used?

"First of all, I want to like the campus. I also want to go somewhere where I like the coaches and a place where I fit in their offense well," noted Dallas. "Basically, after that, I will pray about it and talk about it with my family. Wherever God leads me and I feel it's the right place, that's what I will go with."

Who will be the lucky school that winds up landing this very talented Mississippi quarterback? Keep it on to find out as we continue to follow his recruitment.

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