Just who is Marcus Green?

One of the most athletic players from the state of Mississippi is Kemper County High School's Marcus Green. Green, a star Quarterback in high school, could play several positions in college. His versatility is only surpassed by his athleticism. While college coaches are deciding where Marcus could best help their programs, Green is preparing for the final season in his prep career.

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Green was able to attend the Scout.com All-American Combine in Oxford, MS and was one of the featured attractions. He had a nice showing and raised quite a few eyebrows.

We were able to catch up with Marcus and Kemper County assistant coach, Pete DeWeese, to learn a little more about the best player you probably never heard of. Just who is Marcus Green?

"Since the combine we've been doing a little Spring training. Trying to get plays right. Trying to see what we're going to be like next year. Well, we went one and nine this year and I am expecting us to win more games next year and play harder. We are getting new coaches," said Green.

Despite a losing record last year, Marcus was still able to attract the attention of college coaches.

"This week I have heard from Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Coach Woods (from Alabama) came to watch me practice. Mr. Tony Hughes (Ole Miss) called me and Coach Matt Luke from Tennessee came by. Coach Croom (Mississippi State) and Coach Stringer came by the school. Coach Stringer from Mississippi State called me," said Green.

With so many coaches following him so closely, it appears that Marcus will have several options from within the Southeastern part of the country. What are these coaches saying to Marcus?

"Coach Hughes (Ole Miss) was telling me that he was interested in me and that they would like to have me. He told me that Coach O likes me a lot. He didn't ask me to commit, but just asked me to give them a chance. He offered me a scholarship," explained Marcus.

"Coach Woods (Alabama) wanted me to give him a call tonight", said Green.

"Tennessee said that they were very interested in me and that they have an eye on me," said Marcus.

"Coach Stringer (Mississippi State) always asks me if I am ready to be a Bulldog and he said that they are very interested in me. They really want me bad! From the words that come out of his mouth I can just tell how much they want me. They said they are going to recruit me as an athlete, so wherever I fit in that's where I will play. It might be defense or it might be offense," reported Green.

Marcus says he will wait and make his college choice after his senior football season. Green wants to see what all of his options are before making a decision.

The recruiting process is a necessary burden for high school athletes and some times it can be overwhelming. At this point, it appears that Green is holding strong.

"Two months ago no one really knew who I was. Now that I guess, I kind of blew up everybody knows me. It's really exciting," said Green. "I mean coming from a 2A school that had a low record and wasn't winning many games, you don't expect to hear anything from anybody. Somehow my name got out there."

When asked about his preference of positions at the next level, Marcus said he would prefer to play wide receiver, but would be grateful for any opportunity.

Green will take the ACT again in June and is very close to qualifying. The talented athlete has offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss. Currently the Bulldogs of Mississippi State are out in front.

Kemper County assistant coach Pete DeWeese is a bit more familiar with the recruiting process than Marcus is and has acted as a sounding board and advisor. Marcus has few fans as rabid and dedicated as Coach DeWeese.

"Marcus is a very instinctive player, but aside from his instincts and his God given talent he is willing to work. He has done everything that we have asked him to. I have been at the school for one year now and he has given time and time again more than what has been asked of him," said DeWeese. "He has a strong desire to win. Unfortunately, that's not something that he has been able to experience a lot on the football field at our high school. He is one of the seniors that is leading the charge to get us ready for this next season. The past four weeks preparing for the Scout combine, because he wanted to show his best, he would arrive at the school at 6 A.M. and work out with an assistant coach for an hour and a half before the school day even began. The he would take on his regular routine as far as classes as well as basketball and/or football practice. He is just a great worker. He has a great work ethic. He is mild mannered and just always ready to do what you ask of him."

DeWeese has had the chance to speak with all of the college coaches that are recruiting Marcus and pick their brains a bit about their plans for his star player.

"Most of the schools that we have talked to, just don't know what they will do with Marcus. He is really at an impasse as far as position goes. He is not prepared to play Quarterback at the college level because he just hasn't had the training. He just hasn't been in that type of system. He isn't polished enough at that position. He understands that and when he talks to coaches, he asks them and they are all honest with him. They are all still evaluating him. They all want to get him in there, so they can just see what he is capable of," explained DeWeese.

Working so closely with Marcus this past year, one would think DeWeese would have a handle on where Marcus would fit in best at the college level. Even he admits it's tough to call.

"They (college coaches) will all tell you that he has the skills to play on the offensive side of the ball. There is no doubt that he is a threat when he has got it in his hands, but then you watch him run and you watch him hit and he walks in the room and he looks like a big time safety prospect. He moves well enough to play corner against these bigger receivers that are being recruited throughout the southeast and across the country. Then again he has the frame that he could grow into the size of an outside linebacker," said DeWeese. "All of the coaches right now are taking a look at their system. When you look at the 4-3 that is run at Alabama and Mississippi State and Ole Miss he projects any where from corner to safety to outside linebacker. You take a school like Southern Mississippi that plays a "33 stack", that outside rover position is something that a guy like Marcus is ideal for. Every school is just kind of taking it all in right now. Some schools have told me that their offensive people want him on the offensive side of the ball and their defensive staff wants him on defense. It will be interesting to see where he ends up."

So what has each program had to say about Marcus?

Tennessee - "Matt (Luke), before he left for the University of Tennessee, he stopped by in the fall and found out about Marcus. He came back in the spring to watch a practice. Matt likes the way he moves. He likes his size. He said you can just tell he is an athlete. Matt asked me about what position Marcus wanted to play and what I thought he did best. I just told him that Marcus does what he wants to do. Matt just said the kid can play," said DeWeese.

Southern Miss - "Coach Nix really loves Marcus' explosive ability. Being a running back himself he sees the potential of Marcus carrying the ball, but I think he also sees Marcus' potential on defense. He is just a big guy that can move and is not afraid to hit when he gets there. The way that Southern Miss plays defense, I think the staff there sees Marcus fitting in to that fast aggressive mode of defense that they play," explained DeWeese.

Ole Miss - "Coach Hughes first and foremost just sees Marcus as an athlete. Being a secondary coach, I am sure he would prefer it if Marcus played defense. He sees Marcus playing anywhere in the secondary. At the same time he said Marcus looked good at wide receiver at the Scout.com combine. Obviously it's a position that Marcus has never played, but we decided that there was where he would work out for the combine. Obviously there were some things to polish there, but I think every coach that looks at him sees his athletic ability and his explosion and defense is what you think. At the same time you don't want to forget about offense, because the second he gets the ball in his hands he has the potential to do something special," said DeWeese.

Alabama - "Coach Woods came by and it was the first time he had seen Marcus. He stopped by and said that we needed to send him out a highlight film. At the time he did not have one. He said he wanted to get that film and evaluate him a little more. It's hard to judge in practice when he isn't able to go up against the best competition. He said that the way Marcus moves he could see him playing on either side of the ball. Alabama and Tennessee too, I think they want to evaluate more before they get into specifics with Marcus," explained DeWeese.

Mississippi State - "Coach Stringer and Coach Croom they have come down and they have kind of been the same way. They asked me what Marcus wanted to play and I told them I really didn't know. No school has really come out and said what they want Marcus to do, because I still think they are trying to get a grasp of just what he is capable of. They don't want to narrow him down. When he gets on campus, wherever he ends up, it is going to be an evaluation process," said DeWeese.

With all of these schools jockeying for position, Coach DeWeese pointed out that a couple of schools had pursued with a bit more vigor.

"I think Coach Nix from Southern Miss and Coach Stringer at Mississippi State University have both done a great job recruiting Marcus. Coach Hughes has come on and I know Marcus had a good conversation with him recently. He enjoyed getting to see the coaches from Alabama and Tennessee and just knowing that they were interested," said DeWesse. "They left pamphlets and their numbers for him to contact them. Coach Hughes from Ole Miss, like everyone cannot contact the prospects, has been in constant contact with me. I would say that Coach Croom's staff has done a really good job so far. I know Marcus said that Mississippi State had been showing him a lot of interest and he appreciates that."

Marcus is a very down to earth young man from very humble beginnings and he seems a bit taken back by the attention of big time college football recruiting.

"Kemper County High school is in a very rural area of hard working people. It's a small school. There is not a lot of industry in the county. We don't get a lot of media attention because the past two years we haven't had great seasons," said DeWesse. "Marcus has kind of broken the mold. They haven't had a player in the past ten to fifteen years that has drawn this much attention. I don't think the fact that it is Marcus, but that the fact that anyone at the school is getting attention is a big deal."

The fact that Marcus is the first big time prospect from his area has afforded him a bit of celebrity, but he does not have the benefit of former teammates to help guide him through the recruiting process.

"You take a school like South Panola and you have a sophomore that gets into his junior year and he is already being recruited. He has already seen this sort of thing from the guys above him. At Kemper County, Marcus hasn't had that luxury, so for Marcus everything is new. I don't think he is overwhelmed by the recruiting process. I think he is flattered. He understands that he doesn't want to shut a door early," said DeWeese. "He certainly likes what coaches are telling him. He loves these conversations when he is able to call these coaches. Right now he is soaking it in and he is a very level-headed young man. He has several people around him that want Marcus Green to do what is best for Marcus Green. He knows that these coaches are wanting him to come in and play for them. He is just taking it all in and hearing what they have to say and he will make his decision from there."

Can the Bulldogs of Mississippi State maintain the lead and entice the Kemper County star to commit? Or will one of the other suitors overtake them?

Stay with Scout.com for every twist and turn in the Marcus Green story.

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