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New Port Richey (FL) Quarterback Alton Voss has had some time to contemplate his place in the "Arms" race for the 2007 signing class and has made some changes in the schools he is now interested in.

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"This week we had two big time schools come to our practice, Colorado and N.C. State. Coach (Jay) Fulmer, my head coach, he talked with Alabama and they seem very interested and they are coming out Tuesday or Wednesday," said Voss. "The way they made it sound is if I had a good practice, you know a good showing, that I was pretty much going to get an offer. I think Alabama is at the top of my list right now."

Voss currently has offers from Mississippi State and South Florida with more sure to follow. MSU and South Florida seem to be hanging in there with Voss as some other schools appear to be dropping off of his radar.

"I talked with Coach Mullen (Florida). He text messaged me and said he was going to be here the 12th. He said that I am high on their Quarterback list, (Stephen) Garcia and myself. I don't know if Florida is going to be such a great thing because they already have (Tim) Tebow." explained Alton. "The thing with Tebow is that he is definitely going to be a starter after Chris Leak leaves. The only thing that could stop him from being a starter as if he gets injured. I would like to go to a place where I have a good chance to be a starting Quarterback the first couple of years. Another thing with Florida is that Coach Mullen said that if I come there, I might turn in to a linebacker and I am not too sure about that. I definitely want to play Quarterback."

It appears that Florida may not be the only school out of the picture.

"Miami has (dropped) because they already have someone committed (Nick Fanuzzi). I think West Virginia as well. They run more than they pass and I definitely want to pass when I get to college," said Voss.

It appears that Alton's decision will largely be based on what schools do offensively. Voss described the type of Quarterback he is and the type of system he would feel the most comfortable in.

"I definitely like the shotgun. I like being away from the line and being able to read everything. When you are close to the line it is kind of hard to read, but the shotgun is very natural to me because that is what we run every day in practice," said Voss. "A school that runs a little bit more shotgun is more of a favorite for me, but I have been working on my pro-style, my three, my five and my seven (step drops). If I end up at a school that is under the center I will be perfectly fine with that. I have been working with it and doing what I have to, so that I can start."

Voss now has a working list of five favorites Alabama, Auburn, N.C. State, Mississippi State and South Florida.

Alabama - "Definitely tradition. The Crimson Tide and Paul "Bear" Bryant and everything like that. And Brodie Croyle. They turned him into the NFL. I mean the Quarterback from your school is on ESPN getting shown (being) taken in the draft. I definitely would like to go to a school that could produce something for the next level. I like Alabama," said Voss.

Auburn - "Coach (Jay) Fulmer knows more about Auburn. He told me when he went there he had a running back that was an All-American. He just said it was unbelievable. He loved it. It's a football town. It's like all you can concentrate on is football. I definitely want to go somewhere where you see football 24/7," explained Alton.

Mississippi State - "I like Mississippi State because they show a lot of interest. I mean every letter I get from them, they put these little notes on an index card like "You're the key person of our recruiting class" or "We're looking forward to seeing you" stuff like that. They just show a lot of love to myself, the recruit. That's why I really like them," reported Voss.

N.C. State - "I like them because Coach (Jay) Fulmer kind of got me caught on to them. They are a good school. They are kind of in need of a Quarterback right now. I think if I stepped in there I could be the answer. I consider myself a complete Quarterback. I can do whatever you ask of me," said Alton.

South Florida - "The recruiting coaches show a lot of interest. They have stopped by my school. They are very straight forward. They tell you how it is going to be. You definitely would want that from a school. You know they aren't going to play any mind games. I liked the facility when I went there. I love the way Coach Leavitt is in the drills with the players. I definitely want a coach who is involved," said Voss.

With early offers, a lot of recruits report that there is a lot of pressure to commit early. Voss reports that his experience has been different, so far.

"They have been pretty laid back. USF told me that if I committed they would quit their recruiting on a Quarterback. Mississippi State, they are very classy. When they talk to me they aren't trying to beat up on me or trying to make me hurry up. Everything is just going well with those two schools. I have talked with Coach McCorvey (Mississippi State) and he said that he couldn't wait to come out and see me in spring ball. He liked my film and he liked the way I played. He is coming this week coming up," said Voss.

Will the Crimson Tide offer? Or will the Bulls of South Florida and Bulldogs of Mississippi State be left to fight it out for the services of this Sunshine State Star? Stay with Scout.com to find out.

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