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St. Thomas Aquinas High School (Fort Lauderdale, FL) quarterback Wesley Carroll is unofficially visiting schools that are showing interest in him.

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About a month ago, Wesley visited Mississippi State on an unofficial visit. Recently, he visited three schools located in North Carolina.

"I've visited North Carolina State and I also visited Wake Forest and Duke as well. I used to live in Charlotte, North Carolina, so going to North Carolina wasn't a big deal," said the youngster. "Plus, all the schools were in close proximity to each other. It was three schools in two days. We visited Wake Forest and Duke the first day and we spent an entire day with NC State."

What are his overall thoughts about taking the visits now that he's had a chance to think about them?

"I think it was a good experience to go out there early and get a feel of the interest in me. What they all told me is it is good for me to go see the schools early and get to talk to the coaches early," said Wesley. "That way, I would probably be higher on a list than a guy that they haven't seen yet. They like to see people in person."

Possibly the biggest benefit of all for Wesley and his family was meeting the head coaches of the schools. And it may have benefited the schools as well.

"I got to talk to a lot of head coaches and bonded with a lot of the coaches. It was really well worth it," he said. "Meeting the coaches was a big priority for us. We could tell a lot by their personalities. We really felt welcomed by a lot of them. It may put them a little bit ahead of someone else that I haven't really talked to. Not to narrow it down or anything because I'm open to all schools."

He noted several positives of the four schools that he visited.

Mississippi State - "As far as positives, definitely the coaching staff. This will be (MSU head coach) Sylvester Croom's third year. He has already done a phenomenal job. He has all his football players in line. (MSU offensive coordinator) Woody McCorvey, who is recruiting me, is a real great guy. Casey Clausen, who is a graduate assistant there, is great for me and that would help me out. Those are all positives as far as going to that school."

Wake Forest - "It is a great education. I like the North Carolina area. I really didn't know much about them going into it. I didn't even know they were one of the smallest division-1 schools in the nation. I didn't realize that they are a private school and only have 4,000 students. That really opened my eyes to them."

Duke - "I met the guy who is going to be recruiting me since it's changed from David Kelly to (assistant coach) Scottie Montgomery. He showed my mom and me around. He was a really great guy. I like the fact that it's a good education. It's a great opportunity as soon as I graduate. Hopefully, their football team will turn it around with (Duke head coach) Ted Roof there."

North Carolina State - "They are a really well known school right now. They are doing real well and they have the past couple of years. They are building a new addition to their football stadium. And it looked great. My mom and I got to talk to (NC State head coach) Chuck Amato for a while. Then, I met all the coaches. I met the quarterback coach and he kind of critique my film. Everybody made us feel real welcome."

With four offers already on the table (Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Duke and Central Florida) and more likely, there are obviously some things that schools have really liked about him. Wesley explained what the coaches have told him.

"As far as Mississippi State and NC State, they really have pretty much said the same thing. They both run a West Coast style offense, which is really perfect for the attributes that I have as far as being able to run, short passes and being a quarterback-friendly offense," said Wesley, an exceptional student in the classroom. "That's what they've preached to me. They tell me repetitively that I could take that over. It would be a learning process for me, but as soon as I got it down, I would fit right in. That's mostly what Mississippi State and NC State have been saying. As far as Duke and Wake Forest and the other schools, they haven't really said similar things. But they have all agreed that the unofficial visits are really crucial and a way to get ahead of the game."

While he's unofficially visited four schools so far, he did say that there is a possibility that more will be on the agenda later this summer.

"We might visit some others this summer. We're really not sure," he noted. "We are going to wait until after the spring to see who is showing a lot of interest. We'll figure it out after that."

In the meantime, Wesley has already received a couple of May phone calls from college coaches that figured out early on that they definitely want him.

"Mississippi State and Duke have called me, but I see schools everyday in practice," said Wesley. "A lot of them have told (my coach) that they are going to come to our spring game."

One of the things that his Mississippi State recruiting coach talked to him about was a recent commitment from another quarterback.

"Woody let me know as soon as (Chris Relf) wanted to commit. He told me that he didn't want this to add any pressure on me or change my thoughts," explained Wesley. "He wanted me to know that they were going to recruit me just as hard if not harder and that that spot was available for me. He made me feel like I'm the guy."

Will Wesley eventually make the coaches at Mississippi State very, very happy by being a Bulldog commitment? Or, will another school ultimately win out for this very talented quarterback? Keep it right here on to find out.

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