Addison Lawrence Sees Interest Increase

Magnolia Heights School's Addison Lawrence attended the All-American Combine at Tuscaloosa a little over a week ago. Since the combine his recruitment has picked up.

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"Since the combine I have had some coaches come by the school. I've had Memphis' coach, Mississippi State's coach, Ole Miss' coach and Arkansas State's coach come by," said Addison. "Most of them are asking my coach where I want to play, what position I want to play. I've played so many positions."

Addison has played tight end, long snapper, and on both sides of the line. Which position does he prefer to play?

"I want to play tight end and long snapper, but if they need me for line I can bulk up and play on the line," said the 6-4, 251-pounder.

The increased attention hasn't caught him totally by surprise.

"I was hoping after I did as good as I did some college coaches would notice me," said Addison, who made two outstanding catches during the combine's one-on-one drill. "I noticed some coaches from colleges looking at my number, so I was hoping I would receive some calls."

The next step in his recruitment is attending summer college camps. As of now, he has four on his agenda.

"I am going to camps at Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and Memphis as of right now," said the youngster.

We'll check back with Addison at the conclusion of May to find out his latest spring evaluation recruiting news.

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