Brandon Wright Ready to Get to Starkville

Brandon Wright is a speedster from Memphis, Tennessee who is ready to start his football career at MSU. In this June 28th interview, Brandon says that he will report to campus in a few days and believes he can play right away for the Bulldogs. Here is what Mr. Wright had to say.

Brandon, I wanted to get an update from you on how your summer has been going before you report to MSU. Do you have a minute?
"Yes, sir."

How has the summer been?
"It has been going good. I had a chance to play in the Tenn./Kentucky all-star game. I played DB during that game and had 7 tackles. I've been working out with my old high school quarterback catching and running and stuff. So it has been going great."

Great. Have you increased you size or speed this summer?
"I've gained about 5 pounds. I'm up to 170 now. I've been trying to work on my speed."

You were pretty fast already, were you not?
"I guess you could say that. I think I run a 4.27. I ran a 4.29 about 2 months ago."

That's blazing. Who timed you?
"My track coach."

Do you think you will play receiver at Mississippi State?
"Yes, sir."

Have the coaches told you anything about your possible playing time this fall or will you redshirt?
"They told me it's there for me but I have to work at it. Nothing is going to be given to me, I have to work for it."

Do you think you will get any playing time this fall?
"I most definitely have a chance. I think I will have a chance at kick returning and punt returning."

Is that your specialty?
"Yes sir. I led the region in kick returns. I don't recall how many touchdowns I had."

Do you know the name Kevin Prentiss?
"Yes sir. I know that Coach Sherrill always compares me to him. When I went up there, Coach Sherrill showed me a tape of him during the Tennessee game and showed him catching some passes and stuff. I met him too. (Prentiss) I met him a while back."

Finally, do you have any goals for your career at State?
"I just want to go out and (play as) a true freshman. I don't plan on being redshirted. I just want to (play as) a true freshman and work hard to compete for a starting spot and, hopefully, I will be successful."

We wish you all the luck this year and in your career. We look forward to watching you play.
"Thanks, a lot."

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