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Madison Central High School offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey (6-4, 275) gives us an update on how his recruitment is going.

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"I've received offers from Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Southern (Miss), Houston, Memphis, Michigan and Tulsa," said Chaz, who along with Coffeeville's Lee Chambers have become Mississippi's first two national recruits this recruiting season.

Not only have the offers been rolling in, but coaches from numerous schools have come by to watch him practice.

"Schools that have come by are pretty much all those that have offered and Tennessee, LSU, Marshall, South Carolina, Miami, Alabama," said the 6-4, 275-pounder. "Really, a bunch of different ones every day."

Coaches have also been calling him on a regular basis.

"I've received calls from all the guys who have offered me. I also got a call from Tennessee, Alabama ... really a bunch of different schools," reported Chaz. "The ones who have offered me have let me know that they are going to be recruiting me hard. The ones who haven't want me to come to their senior camps so that I can see if I like the coaches, the way they coach and if I fit in there."

Some players might be a little overwhelmed by the attention. Not Chaz.

"I'm just loving it, trying to soak in the moment," said Chaz.

What schools are at the top of his favorites list?

"My favorites right now - and it's in no particular order - would probably be Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss and Tennessee," he said.

He explained what he likes about each school.

Auburn - "I love Auburn. It's got that Mississippi State laid back atmosphere I guess you would say. And Auburn has always been a great football program. And I like (Auburn head) Coach (Tommy) Tuberville a lot."

Mississippi State - "(MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom, you can't say enough good things about him. They would want me to play center, which I think is my best shot of going to the pros. That is what is leaning me toward them right now."

Ole Miss - "It would be pretty neat to play with some high school guys that I have played with like Reid Neely and David Traxler."

Southern Miss - "That is where my dad graduated from. I've known (Southern Miss assistant) Coach (Jay) Hopson for a good while now."

Tennessee - "(Assistant) Coach (Matt) Luke came down here. And Coach Tom Luke, his brother, coached me in baseball. Coach Luke has been straight-forward with me. He wants me to come to a camp and I've never been to Tennessee, so I don't know what it's like up there."

At one time he was thinking about committing early. What kind of commitment timetable does he now have?

"I was thinking about committing before my season, but then I got to thinking about whether I want to take official visits," said Chaz. "Now I'm going to play it by ear and see how everything works out."

And we at will be here to keep you up-to-date on the lately developments with this highly-touted Mississippi high schooler.

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