Warren Central's "Fab Four"

Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, IN is the home to some of the nation's most sought after college football prospects. Head coach Steve Tutsie took a moment to sit down and discuss his bumper crop of pigskin prospects from the Hoosier State.

The "Fab Four" from Warren Central are tight end Adrien Robinson, defensive lineman Jeff Boyd, safety Jerimy Finch and running back Darren Evans. Coach Tutise has been blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talented players the past few years. The senior class of 2007 will play for their fourth consecutive state championship this fall. No high school program has ever won four straight state titles in Indiana football history.

You cannot talk about Warren Central without bringing up Adrien Robinson. Robinson stands a robust 6'5'' and projects as a tight end in college. He currently has offers from Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Marshall and Louisville. That number is sure to grow in the coming weeks.

"I don't want to discredit any of my other players, but Adrien has the highest roof of any of them. He is just a freak! He is 6'5'', 220 and is a 4.5 guy. For years Adrien thought he was a basketball player. I think basketball really helped make him who he is," said Tutsie "A lot of schools are looking at him at that "flex" tight end. He presents so many problems for a defense. He is just a mismatch. You don't have to create anything special for him just to get him the ball."

There are several schools in pursuit of the versatile Robinson, but Coach Tutsie says three schools really stand apart.

"West Virginia, Arkansas and Georgia Tech have been on him the hardest and it's not even close after that. Those three are dueling each other very well," said Tutsie. "All of the players say they want to go through the process, but we're going to go to Mississippi State and Louisville and then we are going to finish the year out by going to Georgia Tech on July the 7th, Georgia July 8th and Virginia Tech July 9th. I told our guys we have been every place to be and I am going to really encourage those guys to make their decision early. It's one thing if they don't know, but they will have visited all of those places. I want our football season to be about our football season. After we make all of the visits in July we are going to sit down with our academic advisor and we are going to push them to make a decision. If you know it, then let's get it done," said Tutsie.

Jerimy Finch made his pledge to the "Big Blue" of Michigan a few days ago and some have suggested his commitment may not be firm.

"It seems a little shaky, but for all intents and purposes I think Michigan is probably the best place for Jerimy Finch for a couple of reasons. We have a guy who is a very good guy who starts at linebacker for them, Chris Graham, and I know they have a very good academic program," said Tutsie. "It helps to have a friend, so Jerimy can always go to Chris and ask, ‘Hey, what did you do when this happened?' and things like that. Good, bad or indifferent, Jerimy is thinking about the NFL and Coach English does a great job getting safeties into the NFL. Jerimy recognized that. In my opinion, what I think sealed the deal for Michigan was Coach English and Coach Carr. The day after Coach Carr visited our school, Jerimy committed. Our kids pay attention to that. I think that is really important."

The first commitment from Warren Central came from big defensive lineman Jeff Boyd. Boyd pledged to the Kentucky Wildcats earlier this spring. Boyd, labeled as a sleeper, has seen his offer list grow in the past few weeks.

"He committed to Kentucky. There are some other people recruiting him and he has been offered. I think he is still leaning towards Kentucky. That's a good place for him. It's not too far away. He was just flying under the radar. Kentucky was the first to really say, ‘Hey, take a look at this kid!' I tried to tell everyone that this kid is a football player. He is 6'4''. 280 and runs a 5.0 40 (yard dash). At the beginning of the year he wasn't totally focused, but he is focused on what's important now. Mississippi State and Colorado have also offered. Right now, I think we're locked into Kentucky, but he is getting some other interest," explained Tutsie.

One of the most explosive players for Warren Central is running back Darren Evans. Evans has offers from Mississippi State, Indiana, Purdue, Louisville, Washington, Arkansas and Oklahoma State.

"Who ever gets Darren Evans is going to get that special back. You always have the break away guy or the big back, but I think Darren is the total package. The thing that people don't know about Darren is that he has great hands, but we don't throw the ball to our running backs. There is a reason he has been a back-to-back 2,000 yard rusher. To do it once as a sophomore is impressive, but oh, my goodness to be able to do it when everyone in America is keying on you is very impressive. Darren is the kind of guy that will run over you, but he has extremely good balance. He is an open field runner. He will make people miss. " said Tutise.

Evans has kept Mississippi State at or near the top of his list for sometime. He has some interest from several other schools, but the Bulldogs appear to be holding their own.

"I think Louisville is in there and he likes Washington. I think he may try to visit Washington. He likes what Tyrone Willingham is doing with a one-back set. Darren does well in the one-back sets. Darren and I have talked before about Mississippi State. They are in the SEC and that's big time football right there. If you are a running back in the SEC you are big time," said Tutsie. "Darren is going to get out and see a Mississippi State game. He spent almost his entire spring break in Mississippi. He called me twice while he was down there. He was unbelievably excited. Darren is such a reserved young man, he doesn't get like that. We're going in July to spend a day at Mississippi State. One of the things that I think people are missing the boat on about Darren is that his family is in Mississippi. He has grandparents and aunts and uncles that have never seen him play. They would be able to go and watch him if he goes to Mississippi State. Another factor is that I know Coach Guy Holliday so well. His parents really like that I know someone there that I could pick up the phone and call. I think if he had to make a decision today, he would go with Mississippi State and I'll be honest, I think that is a good move for Darren."

Will Evans decide to cast his lot with the Mississippi State Bulldogs? Will Adrien Robinson end up at West Virginia? Are Finch and Boyd firm in their decisions? It's a long way to signing day, so stay with Scout.com for the latest and most up-to-date information on Coach Steve Tutsie's "Fab Four".

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