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Independence (MS) High School offensive/defensive lineman Quentin Saulsberry has received his second scholarship offer. He talks about that offer as well as all the teams that are showing strong interest in him.

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"I've received an offer from the University of Memphis," said Quentin, who also has an offer from Mississippi State. "It's a verbal offer, but it's guaranteed that I have a scholarship there and that I have a home at Memphis."

As far as schools calling him during May and/or visiting his high school, four have.

"Memphis has call. And I think Ole Miss has called. Mississippi State has come to my school and checked with the counselors and sent their offer to me, but they haven't made their one call," noted Quentin. "Alabama has come by the school. Arkansas State has also come by."

He explained what he likes about each of those schools

Mississippi State - "I know Mississippi State is rebuilding, but I like the way (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom handles his players in certain situations. I hate to bring it up with the students who got in trouble back there, but he handled that in the most respectable and manly way that I have seen. He's trying to help his players and make sure everything is ok with them, but he also said he would punish them. I like that he's hard on his players and that he's strictly about business."

Memphis - "I know that from the past few years with (running back) DeAngelo (Williams) he had a big influence with Memphis' offense, but at the same time when you have one good player you also have other good players who help build him up."

Ole Miss - "I have been a fan of Ole Miss since I was knee-high. I like everything about them, the community, the campus, the facilities. I like (Ole Miss head) Coach (Ed) Orgeron. I know he's from USC and they are one of the best college programs in the nation, period. So, I know he has that attitude about winning. I went to their spring game and I liked some things I saw; the way they coach and their style of playing. Some players are well-coached players."

Alabama - "I like Alabama's defense. It is hardnose football. I don't know much about their coaches, but I can see by their style of their play that they are well-coached players."

He plans on attending summer camps at all four.

"I have been thinking about the Ole Miss d-line and o-line camp, but I don't think I will be able to make their senior camp because something has come up with my family," explained Quentin. "I have thought about going to Alabama's camp this summer. I'm definitely going to Mississippi State's and Memphis' camps."

Does he have any schools at the top of his list?

"Mostly, I have a deeper interest in the SEC than any other conference because I feel the SEC is the strongest and toughest conference there is," said Quentin. "But I'm also considering the schools on the west coast."

Quentin plays on both sides of the ball. Will that factor into which school he signs with?

"Right now, it doesn't matter what side of the ball I play on," he said. "If I can go to college and play both ways, I'll do that. I just love playing football."

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