"I Have Always Been a Bulldog."

Arguably the most highly recruited signee of the 2006 Mississippi State signing class was tailback Anthony Dixon. Dixon was heavily recruited by schools throughout the southeast and finally settled on the home state Mississippi State Bulldogs. I was able to catch up with Anthony for a very candid and revealing interview.

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SR: So Anthony how have things been going?

AD: Everything has been going good! I have been practicing for all stars and I just got finished with baseball. We lost in the third round of our playoffs.

SR: What are you doing to prepare to report to campus?

AD: Just basically working out almost every night. They sent me my workout book and I am following that as closely as I can. I am getting in shape and losing weight like Coach and them wanted me to.

SR: What playing weight do they want you to be?

AD: They want me to be around 225. Right now I am at 228. I am real close.

SR: What benefits have you seen from your new workout program?

AD: I am getting way stronger. I am getting faster too. I am practicing for the All-Star game and I can tell when I am out there on the field. I am coming out of my burst quicker and out of my stance quicker. I look way faster on film than I did last year.

SR: Have you been in contact with any other members of the signing class?

AD: I have been in contact with Anthony Summers and J.C. Brignone. They are practicing in the All-Star game with me. We talk all day at practice when we have time and during water breaks.

SR: When do you report?

AD: July 6th.

SR: What are you most looking forward to?

AD: The thing I am looking forward to the most is that prime time game against South Carolina. I can't wait for that. I am ready for that one. It's my first college football game and it's on TV. There are a lot of people that want to see me do good and I want to do good. I just can't wait to play. It's like the All-Star game, I am ready to play that too.

SR: What do you think you have improved on?

AD: I have really got excited because during my senior season I had my surgery and picked up some weight. I wasn't as quick as I was my junior year. Now that I have been working, running and losing weight I feel that I am getting back to my junior year form. I feel real good. I feel 100%. I am down to a good playing weight. Coach wants me to lose a couple of more pounds, but I am down to a playing weight where I was a lot quicker.

SR: Are there any other games on the schedule that you are really looking forward to?

AD: I am looking forward to all of them with this being my first time to play college football and playing against the players I have been watching on TV. It would be nice if we got the chance to play Florida because that was the school I loved growing up and cheered for all the time.

SR: MSU signed three tailbacks this past recruiting season. Have you thought about what your role on the team may be?

AD: They told me that I will have to compete when I come in. I get a feeling that they want me to come in and jump in the starting role and be the feature back. They want me to work for that and they want me to know it is going to be work right off the bat. Nothing will be given to me. I am just ready to get up there.

SR: How often do you talk to the staff?

AD: As a matter of fact I talked to Coach (Croom) about two days ago. He came up to our school. He had to speak in Jackson and he just stopped by Terry. Everybody tells me I am getting big, even Coach. He looked at me the other day and then he looked at my stomach and he said, "Hey, you're doing pretty good!" That was nice to hear. Because he was concerned with my weight and I am getting it down.

SR: I understand that you are promising a bowl game this year?

AD: Oh, yeah! I feel with our team up there now and when we get the other players up there that are supposed to contribute to our team, we are going to get to a bowl game. We are going to upset somebody on that schedule. Somebody we are not supposed to beat we are going to upset. That's just how I am. I look at things like that. I feel that we are going to get in a bowl game this year and whatever happens from there will be great.

SR: Is there anything you would like to say to Mississippi State fans?

AD: I can feel us playing in a bowl game this year. I am a hard worker and I am going to do everything that I can to get us to a bowl game.

SR: So how will it feel to run out of that tunnel for the first time in the Maroon and White?

AD: It's going to feel good! (Laughs) I am used to wearing Maroon and White because our high school colors were Maroon and White. With those Mississippi State colors on and just being there is going to feel good. It's been a hard road for me to qualify. I can't wait.

SR: So have you qualified?

AD: They are going to wait until my graduation, but I just made my 19 on the ACT. I came out with what I needed for my senior year. I did what they told me to do, so I should be qualified. They told me what I needed to do and I worked real hard at it. It's just going to be a big relief for me to run out of the tunnel when we play that game.

SR: You will finally be Bulldog.

AD: Well, I have been a Bulldog in middle school and high school and even metroplex little league. We were always the Bulldogs, so not much has changed. I guess you could say I have always been a Bulldog.

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