Vicksburg (MS) HS Two-sport Athlete Justin Henry

Gene's Page interviewed Vicksburg (MS) HS quarterback Justin Henry (6-3, 180, 4.6) June 25th. Justin is possibly one of the top two or three two-sport athletes in Mississippi this year.

Justin, I'm just calling to get a quick recruiting update on you. Do you have time to talk right now?
"Yes sir."

I've got your height and weight as 6-3 and 180. Is that correct?
"Yes sir."

What is your forty speed?

What is your 60-yard dash speed?
"This weekend, I ran my fastest time ever, 6.7. I usually run about a 6.8."

What honors have you earned?
"For football, I was All-County and All-District first-team. For baseball, I earned All-County."

What schools are mailing you letters?
"(Mississippi) State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, LSU, Tulane and a few letters from other colleges."

May was the evaluation period where college football coaches could come by and watch you and also call you. Did you receive any calls from coaches?
"Yeah, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and Louisiana Tech."

Have you received any scholarship offers?
"No sir."

What schools are you most interested in right now?
"Probably State and Southern Miss. I would say those are my two top schools right now, but I would also like to find a school that I could play both football and baseball."

Are those two schools talking about letting you play both sports?
"I haven't gotten word from them that I could but I have received letters from them for both sports."

That's a good point. What schools are mailing you letters for baseball?
"State, Ole Miss, Alabama, Georgia....I get a lot from those. A few weeks ago I went out to Oklahoma (Sunbelt Classic) with a team from Mississippi. Since then, I have been getting a lot of stuff from schools out there like Baylor, Arizona State and schools like that."

You must have played well while out there?
"I didn't hit that well. I believe I was 3-for-10 or 11. Our team was 7 and 3 and got third place."

What positions did you play?
"I played short, second and third."

You played baseball in the State Games of Mississippi this past weekend. Talk a little about that.
"I played for District 6 and we won the tournament. We played four games. I played second base and shortstop. I usually play shortstop but we had two shortstops."

How did you do hitting-wise?
"I was 4-for-7 with 3 walks and a couple of RBIs, I think."

How did you do this past spring hitting the ball for Vicksburg High School?
"I think I hit around .390 with 1 home run and I stole 37 bases."

Man, you are a tall base stealer?
"I was also probably the tallest lead off hitter (laugh)."

You sure are. Have you always been a lead off hitter?
"I was this year."

Have you always been such a good base stealer?
"Yes sir, I've always been a base stealer. I'm just now getting a little more power hitting the ball, so I'm starting to do that a little better."

You've also got a pretty good arm, don't you?
"Yes sir, I guess so."

Have you ever been clocked by a (JUGS or Stalker speed) gun?
"Oh yeah, I'm like mid-80's, 85 or 86 pitching, but I don't pitch that much."

I'm going to have to ask you two questions in regard to camps since you are really good in two sports.

Have you gone to any football camps this summer?
"I went to the passing camp at State and I'm going to Southern Miss this weekend for a Senior camp. I think I'm going to the Manning Quarterback camp in July."

What about baseball camps?
"I'm just going out to (the) Oklahoma (Sunbelt Classic), the State Games (of Mississippi) and at the end of July I'm going to a pro scouts Showcase in Wilmington, North Carolina."

Have you gone to any baseball camps prior to this year?
"Yes sir."

What did the baseball coaches tell you that they liked about you?
"They like that I'm so tall and haven't filled out yet. I guess you could say that I have good projectability. Plus, they like my 60 time."

You mentioned earlier that you want to play both sports in college. Is that a priority?
"It is something that I would like to do. I don't know if I'll be given the chance to, but if I do, I would like to."

Which do you feel is your best sport?
"I really don't know. I would probably say I like baseball the best, but I really don't know what I would do if I had to choose."

That should do it, Justin. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.
"Yes sir."

Other Justin Henry Information.

  • Justin is considered one of the top baseball players in the state of Mississippi.
  • Justin is an exceptional student who has already made a high ACT score and is doing extremely well in the classroom.

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