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One of Mississippi State's top offensive line targets is Independence High School product Quentin Saulsberry. To date, Saulsberry has received scholarship offers from Mississippi State and Memphis. We were able to catch up with Quentin to see how his college recruitment was progressing.

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"I am going to the Ole Miss camp on June 9th, it's their offensive and defensive lineman camp. I plan on going to the Alabama camp, but I am not for sure at this point how I will get down there. I am going to Memphis' senior camp, June 17th. I plan to go to Auburn, but I am still debating that with my family. We will just have to see how that goes. I am going to Mississippi State too. I think it is July 21st through the 22nd," said Saulsberry.

Quentin has been an SEC football fan his entire life and has followed the Ole Miss Rebels for as long as he can remember. While Quentin would love to play in the SEC, he says that his loyalties as a fan will have very little impact on his college decision.

"If it comes down to it and I don't get the offer (from Ole Miss), I will have to go to someone else. Being a fan is one thing, but trying to pick out a career and to make sure everything is set academic wise and college wise is something else. I will have to do what I have to do. I will pick the one that best fits me and my family. I am going to take the offer that is most beneficial to all of us," said Saulsberry.

Quentin says that his family is very important to him and that he would like to stay closer to home for his college career, but he is not ruling out playing out of state.

"I would like to stay close, but if push came to shove and I have to make the choice to go out of state, I will just have to do what I have to do. I am just going to try to do what is best. If that means I have to leave the south then that is what I have to do," explained Quentin.

The University of Memphis has offered Saulsberry as an offensive lineman and he claims they are doing a good job recruiting him.

"I like the program and the atmosphere. I stayed in Memphis for a while with my mother at one point. I kind of like Memphis. All the coaches that I have met have a real nice attitude," said Quentin. "Coach Helton is the coach that is recruiting me and I know some of the players. Some of my cousins graduated from Memphis and they told me about some of the things Memphis has to offer academic wise. I see things like DeAngelo Williams going in the first round, so I see some big accomplishments they are making with their student athletes. They are really showing me a lot of attention and they have been in touch with my counselors to make sure everything is going okay academically."

According to Quentin, Mississippi State has done a great job making him feel wanted. In fact, Quentin claims Mississippi State is his leader.

"MSU is doing real good, real good. I would like to say that they are top notch on everything and on point. I like Coach Croom's theory on recruiting and coaching, his philosophy on what a student/athlete is supposed to be and his attitude on everything. I could go on and on about Mississippi State," explained Quentin. "I mean they are hitting on top of the notch right now. I am a Mississippi boy, so I know good southern hospitality when I see it. There has been a lot of love shown for me. They do a good job of showing me I can fit in and I see where I am wanted. When they show me how bad they want me, it makes me want to work even harder to get to the point where I need to be."

Ole Miss is Saulsberry's childhood favorite and they have been in touch with him about possibly going to school in Oxford.

"Ole Miss, I hear from here and there. They always invite me to camps. During the school year they came to see me and checked up on my grades and everything. Coach Freeze came to my spring game and he filmed it. They are pretty good at recruiting me. Right now, every one is doing very well recruiting me and I can tell they are all showing interest in me," said Saulsberry.

While everyone is doing well, Quentin says one school really stands apart, Mississippi State. Despite the strong interest from MSU, Quentin says he does not feel that he is being pressured to commit.

"It has not been pressure at all, but they are showing a lot of interest in me. It's not like they are saying, ‘We want you to commit right now, right now!'. It's more like they are setting up plans to show how I can benefit from the program. They show me the benefits they would get if I come and how much help I could be. They talk about the future a lot, which is good to hear. The most important thing they have showed me is the academics and that is what made them my number one. Everybody else says that you are a good football player and we can make you the way we want you to perform at the highest level. Mississippi State, they said that too, but they added a whole lot of things academic wise," said Quentin.

With fourteen verbal commitments in hand can the Bulldogs make Saulsberry number fifteen? Stay with to find out.

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