Chaz Ramsey Narrows it to Seven

Madison Central High School offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey (6-4, 275) gives subscribers an exclusive: The names of the schools that have made his list of seven. And who made that list? All you have to do is click the link and read the story and you'll kow the names of the Lucky Seven.

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Before we get to that list of seven, we'll lead up to it with how Chaz's May recruiting has gone. Hey, this is like a Christmas present due to how highly thought of this young man is. So, let's enjoy the suspense. And no peaking by scrolling down to the bottom of this article.

May phone calls from college coaches?

"Schools that called me were all of those that have offered and LSU, Miami and Tennessee," said Chaz, who has offers from Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss, Michigan, Memphis, Vanderbilt, Houston, Southern Miss, South Carolina, Florida State and Tulsa.

He's planning a busy schedule this summer while checking out as many schools as possible, although most will be unofficial visits and just one camp.

"I'm unofficially visiting Mississippi State, Auburn, Florida State, Michigan and Tennessee. And I'll probably visit South Carolina," said Chaz. "I am going to LSU's camp. That's the only camp I'm going to."

As for favorites, drum roll please. And the winners are ....

"Mississippi State, Auburn, Florida State, Michigan, Tennessee, LSU and South Carolina are my favorites," said Chaz.

He commented on why he decided to narrow his list down.

"I chose to narrow it down because I can't keep my list big forever," said Chaz. "It's getting closer and closer. So, I'm narrowing them down and taking my visits and going from there."

Why did he choose those seven?

Mississippi State - "I like Mississippi State because of Coach Croom and their coaching staff. They have a real laid back atmosphere."

Auburn - "I like their atmosphere. Their coaches are real nice guys. Coach Dunn is a real nice guy."

Florida State - "I like their tradition and that they play in bowl games. I also like Coach Bobby Bowden."

Michigan - "Their stadium, The Big House. I'm looking forward to seeing it."

Tennessee - "I like Coach Luke. I'm known him ever since I went to the camps at Ole Miss. I like their fans, the 107,000 people (stadium)."

LSU - "Death Valley. Saturday night football. They say it's the loudest stadium. I've never been there so, hopefully, I will find out this year."

South Carolina - "It would be pretty cool to play under Steve Spurrier."

While they all have their differences, they also have similarities.

"I could see myself playing early at all of them anywhere on the (offensive) line," said Chaz. "Auburn wants me at tackle. Michigan said they want me at tackle. Tennessee, guard. Florida State, center. LSU, I really haven't talked to them. And Mississippi State at center."

Considering he has so many options from tackle to guard to center, which one does he prefer?

"I would probably rather play center or guard because I want to play pro ball. And that I think those would be my best shots to do that," said Chaz.

Who will ultimately win out for this very gifted young offensive lineman? Keep it on as we follow this one down to the wire.

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