Chaz Ramsey Commits to Auburn

Madison Central High School offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey (6-4, 280), after he and his family visited Auburn this past Sunday and Monday, has decided to cast his lot with the Auburn Tigers. Chaz talked about his decision.

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What was it about Auburn that caused him to choose them?

"I went up there and just felt like I fit in with the players. It felt like a family to me," said Chaz. "We visited (this past) Sunday and Monday. We got there and I went over to some players houses and I just felt at home. Then, I prayed about it and I just felt like that was where God wanted me to go."

After spending time thinking about it, he made his final decision about 24 hours later.

"I made my decision yesterday (Tuesday)," he said.

What other schools did he consider?

"I also considered Mississippi State, Tennessee and Florida State. Mississippi State probably came in second," said Chaz.

Mississippi State had a lot of the same things that Auburn offered.

"Both of them are laid back. And I'm a real laid back person," said Chaz. "They were both the same type schools, but one is just on a bigger scale."

He also had plans to visit Tennessee and Florida State, but that won't happen now.

"I had planned trips to Florida State and Tennessee, but I got to talking with my dad and told him that was just the place for me," said Chaz.

Although it's been a fun ride, Chaz is happy it's over with. Now he can get back to being a regular high school football player.

"I'm glad it's over with. It was a great experience, but it was time to move on and I made my decision," said Chaz. "Now, it is time to go win a state championship with my high school team."

Any chance he might reconsider?

"I'm done. I'm only going to take my official visit to Auburn," he said.

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