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Sunshine state quarterback Alton Voss made no bones about his interest in Alabama. The Tide gave fellow Florida signal caller Robert Marve the nod. Despite the setback, Alton remains optimistic and has moved on with his college recruitment.

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Voss had to go back to the drawing board after Robert Marve committed to Alabama. Even though Voss was disappointed he is not bitter about how things worked out.

"Robert Marve and I have become pretty good friends. We have been to a combine together. We have kept in touch since then. I really respect him. I thought he was kind of underrated. (In Florida) you have Joe Weatherford and Stephen Garcia and all of these other quarterbacks around us. When (Alabama) picked him I was disappointed, but I am also happy for him. If I couldn't get it I wanted him to get it," said Alton.

After camping at Alabama and learning that his prospects there were limited, Voss became pro-active.

"After camping at Alabama, I called (MSU linebackers coach) Amos Jones and let him know that I was on my way to come see the campus. We were up there for two days. I hung out with Coach Jones and some of the GAs (graduate assistants)," said Voss. "Coach Jones drove us around the campus and showed us all of the facilities they have for football players. They took me in to the see the weight room, the theater room and the players' lounge. I got to meet with an academic advisor and discuss what my major would be. I got to meet Casey Clausen. It was pretty cool meeting him."

One of the things that impressed Alton most about Mississippi State was his experiences with the current Bulldog players.

"I got to meet a lot of the players. When I walked into the weight room, I could see they all had a positive attitude. They were all laughing. They are laughing, but they are serious. They would lift and then the next guy would lift. It was a non-stop thing. Their whole mentality is going in the right direction," said Alton.

Before leaving campus, Voss got the chance to sit down and meet with Head Coach Sylvester Croom.

"He is a really down to earth guy. I don't think his goals are too high. He told me they are rebuilding a new team and this is the year that they feel they are really going to make a difference," said Alton.

Alton did not know a lot about Mississippi State before his visit, but now that he has been on the guided tour things have changed.

"The visit really opened my mind about the campus there. It was a really good experience just knowing that they want me there," continued Voss. "Everything is new. There is a lot of construction there. Coach Jones told me that everything they do there, they do for the players. They have new dorms for the freshmen and sophomores. I was very impressed with what I saw there."

Alton could not find anything negative to say about his experience at Mississippi State. After seeing a door close with one school, Voss did not get caught up in the moment and make a quick decision.

"I didn't commit. They aren't putting any pressure on me to commit. I told them my plans for the rest of the summer. I am going to NC State on July 17th and I am going to Friday Night Lights at Florida on the 21st. They really encouraged me to come on an official visit this fall, so I can feel the atmosphere of what it is like on game day," said Voss.

Most schools get a "bounce" after a prospect visits their campus. It certainly appears Mississippi State's stock has risen in Voss' eyes.

"Mississippi State is number one right now and then Florida and NC State," reported Voss.

Despite naming Mississippi State as his leader, Voss is in no hurry to make a decision.

"I am taking things day-by-day and week-by-week. I am still looking at things. I could make a decision after my official to Mississippi State, but I am not trying to rush things. Before, I narrowed it down to Alabama and got my hopes up and had to start over. I am not putting a deadline on anything."

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