ScoutTV: PG/SF Jenirro Bush

East Oktibbeha County High School small forward/point guard Jenirro Bush will be a name to bear watching during the upcoming Mississippi high school basketball season. Although he is known as a good athlete, the thing that really stands out about him is his uncanny passing skills.

Jenirro Bush Profile Page:

You want to know why Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Middle Tennessee State have offered scholarships to Jenirro? Check out these two videos to see why.

Jenirro Bush, in the first of two videos, shows that he very well may be one of the best passers in the nation. He can pass with uncanny accuracy on a fastbreak or standing still. He can also throw the long pass or the shot bullet pass with deadly accuracy.

He also shows off his athletic ability in the scoring video. although the one thing he seems to lack right now is an outside shot.

He's either wearing uniform No. 1 or No. 2 in the videos.

SF/PG Jenirro Bush passing the ball -

SF/PG Jenirro Bush scoring -

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