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One prospect who has made a name for himself on the combine and camp circuit this summer is MRA Quarterback Dallas Walker. Walker was named 1st team All-Combine QB at the Scout.com All-American combine in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He has landed a couple of offers from ConferenceUSA contenders Southern Miss and Memphis, but to date Walker has not committed. There may be an offer or two he is waiting on.

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With the Golden Eagles and Tigers both offering Dallas the chance to play Quarterback, he has the security of knowing he has a home no matter how the recruiting season turns out. A couple of SEC schools are also expressing some interest in Walker.

"Mississippi State has been talking to me pretty regularly the past three weeks. Ever since I went to their senior camp, Coach Woody McCorvey has been texting me a lot. Coach Sparky Woods from Alabama has been texting me and sending me some mail and things like that," reported Dallas. "I have a real good feeling that State is going to offer. I am not so sure about Alabama. I can't really get a feeling about it. I think they may want to come watch some games this fall."

Walker measures in at 6'5'', 215 and has the athleticism and versatility to play positions other than Quarterback. The coaches at Mississippi State appear to be of the same opinion.

"Coach McCorvey tells me that I am real high on their list and I may have the possibility of playing tight end or wide receiver. He says that if they were to offer I would get to try Quarterback, but if that didn't work out they would like me to try receiver or tight end," said Walker.

While Dallas' dream has been to become a college quarterback, he is open to the idea of trying some different things. It's not exactly uncharted territory for him.

"I played receiver my sophomore year and I loved it to death. It's fine with me if that is what they want me to do. Quarterback is my main spot, but I am not against anything that gets me on the field," said Walker.

The University of Alabama is still keeping a watchful eye on Dallas and they have some ideas of their own on how to use Dallas.

"Coach Woods says that they want to add an athletic Quarterback that isn't just a Quarterback. They want a guy who is big and can run and play some other positions. It's kind of the same deal at Bama that it is at State," said Dallas.

In an effort to make himself more visible as a prospect, Dallas has attended camps at Alabama, Memphis, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and Ole Miss. He is scheduled to camp at Auburn on July 15th and may squeeze in a day at LSU.

"I am hoping that Auburn goes well. I get handwritten letters from Coach Dunn just about every day. I am looking forward to that camp. They want to look at me for Quarterback, but it is kind of the same deal. They also would consider me at receiver or tight end," said Walker.

Dallas' favorites have remained pretty consistent throughout the process, but it looks like four schools are standing out now.

"Alabama and Mississippi State, I would say are the highest right now. Memphis and Southern (Miss) are in there too. I grew up in Memphis, so I know a lot about those guys. I love Coach Helton," said Walker. "I like Memphis and Southern a lot, but Mississippi State and Bama are the top two. I have not heard too much from Ole Miss. They said they were going to get back with me after camp. I got a little mail from them. I haven't heard from Coach Freeze, so Ole Miss isn't even in the picture right now. I am ready to hear what Auburn has to say. I am looking forward to going up there."

Walker says he is not planning an early commitment and believes that a strong senior season may bring more offers.

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