Henig Has Pin Removed From Broken Toe

Mike Henig now has a shiny souvenir from his summer adventure to show off...a three-inch steel pin. "They just took it out," the Mississippi State quarterback grinned as he left the training room, carrying the memento from his June 26 surgery to repair the broken second-toe on his left foot.

Dr. Rusty Linton, who put the broken digit back together after Henig's home accident on June 25, removed the pin Tuesday afternoon in the training room. This was a couple of days ahead of schedule, as Henig has progressed quickly in the past weeks.

The sophomore starter was still wearing the protective boot as he left the complex, however. "I can't feel a thing, they numbed the foot pretty good. But I think they plan to start working me out tomorrow."

Henig has just two weeks to get back up to speed before pre-season camp starts at State on August 2. By then, he'll have figured out what to do with his souvenir. "I think my mother will put in a scrapbook or something!" Henig joked.

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