It's Over!

Independence High School (MS) lineman Quentin Saulsberry made his pledge to Sylvester Croom and the Mississippi State Bulldogs on Saturday. Saulsberry says that he made it official today, but he has been leaning towards Mississippi State since the Bulldogs first expressed interest.

The Bullodgs nabbed another instate prospect on Saturday when Quentin Saulsberry made his pledge to Head Dog Sylvester Croom.

"I think it was time to do it, so I can get focused on the season. I have been leaning towards Mississippi State since I made my first impression of them," said Saulsberry.

Saulsberry, who was recruited by MSU coach Brick Haley, said he looked forward to looking Coach Croom in the eye and telling him face-to-face that he was going to be a Bulldog.

"He said he was real excited about me coming up there. I could tell by his facial expression he was glad. He said he is building a championship team and I wanted to be a part of it," remarked Quentin. "It kind of felt like a child being reunited with his father. It made me very happy. I feel like an adoptive child that has found a loving home. This was the right decision."

Quentin attended the MSU camp this weekend and had the chance to bond with what could be some of his future linemates. The quartet of potential Bulldogs-to-be took on the nickname, the Four Horsemen.

"I got the chance to really bond with Derek Sherrod, Addison Lawrence and Colton Jenkins. I wish (MSU commitment) D.J.(Looney) had been there working out with us. It would have really been something," said Saulsberry. "It felt comfortable to line up with those guys. When we got to watch the film we looked good together. It looked like a line that could bring good things in the future of Mississippi State. We had a good chemistry. It felt like I had already played with them before. It felt great! We will have a powerhouse line."

Saulsberry said he is so elated to be a Bulldog that he would play anywhere the coaching staff asked him too, but it appears Saulsberry is being a projected as an interior lineman.

"It doesn't really matter to me where I end up position-wise. I would play offensive or defensive line or even fullback (laughs) if they want me to," said Saulsberry.

Saulsberry says there is no reason anyone should ever question his commitment. He claims that his recruitment is over.

"I am a man of my word and I have closed the casket on it," said Saulsberry.

Quentin says it's time to put the Mississippi State fanbase as well as the rest of the SEC on notice.

"Mississippi State is going to be back on top! We are going to be the top college in the state and we are going to win the division and win championships," exclaimed Saulsberry.

Saulsberry marks the 19th verbal pledge for Mississippi State. Could another of the "horsemen" be next? Stay with to find out.

Steve Robertson covers the state of Mississippi as one of's two Mississippi scouts. Steve's email address is

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