A Little Moore Info

Michael Moore was a player many Georgia fans were talking about at this time last year. Unfortunately, he had a PCL injury on his left knee and he had to redshirt. He re-injuried the knee during the spring and missed all of the contact drills. Now he appears ready to play and it could not have come at a better time due to the uncertainity in the wide receiver position.

Dave McMahon -- How has the first few days of practice been?

Michael Moore -- It has been good. I am learning a lot. I have a great opportunity to show what I can do.

DM -- Are you any bigger, stronger or faster than you were last year?

MM -- I feel stronger. This year I benched 365 pounds, last year the most I could do was 350. I also feel that my conditioning is better. I can run a lot longer now, I feel faster, too.

DM -- You have been injuried in the past. Are you ok now?

MM -- I feel that I am at 100% now. My knee feels fine.

DM -- How hard was it to sit a full year?

MM -- It was really hard during the first four games, but I eventually learned to learn from the experience.

DM -- What are your strengths as a wide receiver?

MM -- I have a good balance of what a wide receiver is. I have some speed, I can catch well and I run good routes. I am also stronger than most defensive backs.

DM -- What do you still have to work on?

MM -- I still have to work on everything. You are never perfect. I still have to work on my timing with the quarterbacks.

DM -- There are many opportunities this year at wide receiver... do you use that for motivation?

MM -- My mother is my motivation. I owe everything to her. She raised me as a single parent and I talk to her constantly. As for wide receiver I am excited about my chances. I have also learned both wide receiver positions so it will give me even more of a chance to contribute.

DM -- Who are your favorite wide receivers in the pros?

MM -- Reggie Brown is definately one. Coaches always talk about him still. Chris Carter is another good receiver. I also like Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens, more the way the play and not their attitude.

DM -- Including you, there are a few Georgia players that are from South Florida, how much talk about the Bulldogs is down there?

MM -- There is a lot more now, especially since Coach Richt is now the coach. Before he arrived, I was thinking about FSU or Miami, but since he is from down here I started thinking about Georgia. Also Coach Eason and Coach Martinez lived down here, too.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck during the upcoming season.

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