So, who's next?

With twenty-one verbal pledges towards the 2007 signing class, where does Mississippi State go from here? Spots are dwindling and some offers may no longer be on the table. The following prospects have shown enough interest in the Bulldogs to remain in the hunt for a chance to wear the maroon and white.

Marcus Green

The multi-talented Green had Mississippi State as his leader for some time before declaring himself wide open. Recently Green has given the Bulldogs the nod as his leader once again. Marcus may be the best pure football player in the state of Missisippi.

Marcus says he will take some official visits before rendering a decision. Green was recently named to the Clarion Ledger's Dandy Dozen.

Offers: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Mississippi

Rashod Henry

The Lumberton speed merchant, Henry, appears to have one written offer and that offer has Mississippi State's name at the top of it.

Henry camped at Mississippi State and has forged a good relationship with prospective position coach-to-be, Melvin Smith. One of his idols is Fred Smoot. Henry has MSU as a hard leader, but says he is not ready to pull the trigger. He was recently named to the Clarion Ledger's Dandy Dozen.

Offers: Mississippi State

Wade Bonner

The talented Bonner excels on both sides of the ball, but projects as a cornerback at the next level. It could be that he and Rashod Henry are competing for the same offer because the number of defensive backs expected to be taken by the MSU staff is not known.

Bonner camped at both Arkansas and Mississippi State, but says he would like a closer look and the guided tour before making a decision. Sources close to Bonner report that Mississippi State has a growing lead for his signature.

Offers: Arkansas, Mississippi State

Antwon Dixon

Some optimistic recruitniks probably penciled Antwon onto their personal commitment list some time ago. Dixon's commitment to MSU is not a foregone conclusion.

With big brother Anthony, already making a name for himself on campus, as well as the amount of time Antwon himself will spend on campus this fall it is reasonable to expect the Bulldogs will be there in the end. Dixon will take all of his visits and more than likely announce his decision at a January press conference. Dixon was recently named to the Clarion Ledger's Dandy Dozen.

Offers: Mississippi State, Ole Miss

Wesley Carroll

With Coach Croom declaring in his 2006 signing day speech that MSU would probably take two Quarterbacks in the 2007 class, offers were sent to dozens of top targets. Carroll, the St. Thomas Aquinas star, to date has shown some interest in Mississippi State.

It is difficult to get a read on Wes, but it appears that NC State and Mississippi State are locked in a dead heat at this point. With Carroll reporting that he has been told he is the top QB target, it would be interesting to see what would transpire if he elected to go elsewhere.

Offers: Central Florida, Duke, NC State, Mississippi State

Ronnie Tubbs

Tubbs is a relatively new name in Mississippi recruiting circles. Ronnie camped at MSU and reported that he had a very nice showing during the 7-on-7 drills. Since that time, Ronnie reported that MSU has all but offered a scholarship.

Tubbs will take the ACT for the first time in October. That could cause a delay of an offer from the Bullies. If an offer is extended, there is a very good chance Tubbs could be the high school wideout in the class so many of the fans are hoping for.

Offers: None

K.J. Wright

The Olive Branch rush end has had nothing but nice things to say about Mississippi State. Despite the favorable comments, Wright has played his cards close to the chest.

MSU is recruiting Wright as a linebacker and that appears to be just fine with him. In the Olive Branch defense, Wright plays more of a rush end position and rarely puts his hand on the ground. One key advantage MSU may have is that Wright seems to be developing a good realtionship with his recruiting coach, Brick Haley.

Offers: Arkansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Southern Miss

Antwoine Baker

West Coast product Antowine Baker has had MSU in his top two for some time. The Bulldogs have not fared very well with California kids. Kenny Ashley left Mississippi State at the altar on signing day and former Golden State signee, Jimmy Miller, transferred out of the program this summer.

Baker is one of the highest rated prospects on the board, but geography will be difficult to overcome. Baker has some family in Mississippi, but they are distant relatives that he has very little contact with. Washington currently leads for Baker and if Antwoine decides to sign with the Huskies, mama can see him play in person a few times each year.

Offers: Arizona State, Nebraska, Mississippi State and Washington.

Jeramie Griffin

Griffin made a commitment to Ole Miss in the early part of this year. Since that time, Jeramie has recieved offers from LSU and Mississippi State. The collective interest from other schools has Griffin looking around just a bit.

MSU could use that one big back in this class to play thunder to Lee Chambers' lightning. Griffin could be it, but it would be a very tall order to pry him away from the Rebels when Griffin has two other teammates, Chris Strong and Leroy Diggs, committed to play in Oxford. It's been done before, see Derek Pegues, but it would be an unexpected surprise.

Offers: LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss

O'Neal Wilder

Wilder is a relative newcomer to the game of football. He has unbelievable size and speed, but lacks the experience to be a high profile recruit. O'Neal has been offered a track scholarship to MSU, but he has his heart set on a football offer.

O'Neal could be a difference maker, but is very raw in his development. 6'5" guys who can run a 4.5 don't come around very often. He has very good hands that he developed as a basketball All-Star. Growing up in nearby Carthage could be a selling point should the Bulldogs choose to offer.

Offers: None

Dallas Walker

Walker comes from a good pedigree. Dallas' father, Jeff, spent time in the NFL and is very supportive of his talented son. Walker has played both Quarterback and wide receiver in high school. He is open to playing multiple positions at the next level.

MSU has stayed in close contact with Walker and his interest in the Bulldogs appears to have grown quite a bit over the summer months. To date, Walker has not received an offer from MSU, but if one is extended there is a very good chance that he will accept it.

Offers: Memphis, Southern Miss

Alton Voss

Voss named Mississippi State as his leader several weeks back after a visit to campus. Alton has a strong desire to play Quarterback in college. At this time it appears that South Florida may be the most eager to give Voss the chance to line up behind center.

Alton reported a few weeks back that the staff at MSU was willing to give him the chance to compete at QB and then move to another position if things did not work out. Apparently, Voss' camp experience at South Florida has give the Bulls the proverbial bounce on Alton's list of favorites. It is still possible MSU could land Voss, but at this time it appears unlikely.

Offers: NC State, Mississippi State, South Florida

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