Jamon Hughes Making The Adjustment

Mississippi State linebacker Jamon Hughes, while a true freshman, is quickly making the necessary adjustments to college football. And how well he did during the second summer session at State proves it.

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"I made all my (running) times when I first came in. And over the time that I've been here, I've improved my times," said Jamon, one of the most profilic tacklers in the history of the state of Mississippi with 643 over the course of his prep career.

Working hard earlier in the summer is part of the reason he did so well.

"I came in prepared because I worked with my high school team. And the coach worked us hard over the summer," said Jamon. "I try to keep my lungs in good shape."

While conditioning has been an easy adjustments, learning the plays and facing bigger and stronger linemen has been a little tougher to adjust to. But his new teammates are helping him as much as possible.

"Learning the plays have been a bigger adjustment because we have much more than a high school has. And the linemen are faster and stronger," said Jamon. "Some of the upperclassmen linebackers have taken me under their wings and helped me learn the plays."

Look for him to play this year if he makes a successful transition during fall camp. And he's looking forward to the opportunity if it presents itself.

"(The coaches) have talked about playing me. I just have to get the plays down," said Jamon. "I want to play this way. I plan on working real hard so that I can do that."

And the MSU fans will like what they see whether he plays this year or next.

"I bring aggressiveness and I have plenty of leadership skills," said Jamon. "I also bring endurance. I like to work hard and keep it going. I want everybody to see how I'm steady even when I'm tired. And I hope it'll motivate everybody else to do like Coach Croom tells us to do - finish plays, finish plays."

Although everything has come so fast due to him being a freshman, he does sometimes sit back and think about everything that has happened to him.

"Sometimes I pray to God and ask Him to keep me humble and give me reality checks every now and then," said Jamon. "But sometimes it does feel like a dream being out here with guys that I watched on ESPN and tv over the years."

Now, he'll be the one being watched by those youngsters who also want to live the same dream he's living - playing college football in the Southeastern Conference.

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