Anthony Dixon: Adjusting to College Football

Terry High School running back Anthony Dixon, one of the most high-profile signees from last year's Mississippi State signing class, is having to adjust to the rigors of college football.

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Anthony came in for the second summer session of conditioning. And, as expected, it was a tough adjustment.

"It was real tough. It's still tough right now," said Anthony, who reported in weighing 242, but now weighs 235. "The last conditioning test, I made it. It was real tough on me. The running was hard. But I wasn't going to quit. I had to gut it out."

The speed of college players has also been much faster than he was used to dealing with in high school.

"The players are much faster than they were in high school," he said. "And we had some good athletes in the high school division I played in. They were real fast, but as far as the entire team, everybody is fast here."

But he's adjusted to the speed fairly easily.

"The speed hasn't been the toughest adjustment. My speed was always up to par so I didn't have to take a long time to adjust to it up here," said. "I thought it was going to be like that, but once I started running plays with them I saw that my speed was capable."

Even more so than the conditioning, the complexity of the playbook has been his greatest adjustment.

"The plays have been the hardest because they are way more longer," he noted. "There is a lot more stuff that you have to memorize."

Despite the few difficulties, he's having a ball.

"It has been real enjoyable. I love it here. It is like a big family," said Anthony, who chose MSU over offers from Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama and Southern Miss. "Like I told another reporter, I am glad that I stayed in-state."

As far as this goals for the upcoming season, he's completely focused on helping the team improve.

"I'm just hoping to help this team put some more points on the board. I don't even have to start. I just want to help the team out," said Dixon, who has been held out of practice the last few days due to a slight hamstring pull. "This senior class is really into it a lot. You can tell by their attitudes out there on the field. I just want to help them out."

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