MSU Kicking Game Should Be Solid

The Mississippi State kicking game appears to be in good hands with veterans like Keith Andrews and Russell Cook and young, but talented youngsters like Adam Carlson and Blake McAdams. MSU kicking coach Amos Jones talked about the different aspects of the MSU kicking game.

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What's it's look like at field goal kicker?
"Adam Carlson is still the number 1 placekicker. It's obviously a situation where the scrimmages are going to be crucial because he is a guy that still needs to be put under the pressure of making kicks when they count. I think that Keith Andrews is healthy now, so that makes it a lot better from the standpoint of being competitive. Keith has a valuable asset because he has a long ball range. Keith can kick a ball very, very far. It could be a short and long type situation, depending on what we need to do."

What improvement has you seen from Adam since last year?
"The bottom line with Adam is he does things the right way, doing things the way he is asked to do. His strength and work ethic have gotten better. Really, his whole development. He's a guy that came out of high school playing other positions and other sports, so he didn't have time to just work on being a placekicker. Now, he does."

Your punter, Blake McAdams, is a guy who punted very, very well as a freshman last year.
"I'm really pleased with Blake (McAdams). We feel good about the punting job being in his hands. He did a lot of good things for us last year. Now, we know what he can do because he's performed it. He knows what it's like in this league. He has tremendous catch and get off tempo. Brooks Crabtree will be a quality backup."

Have you seem much improvement in him since last season?
"I think that (Blake) is stronger. But we can't forget that he was a good punter last year. Don't forget that he almost made All-SEC first-team as a freshman, as opposed to just making freshman first-team."

Who's your holder this year?
"Blake McAdams is our number one holder right now. Brooks (Crabtree) is backing him up. But we are trying to develop some young guys."

You are solid with senior Russell Cook at snapper. Plus, you have a youngster that was very impressive in high school.
"You can't beat Russell Cook. He will be a four-year starter in this league. And Aaron Feld has already shown us what he is capable of from watching him on tape and watching him practice. And (walk-on) Anthony Bowles is a guy who has been with us two years and could get us out of a game."

What looks to be your gunners this coming season?
"We want to use anybody and everybody. (Derek) Ambrose comes back. We've got to get (Demario) Bobo healthy. And Derek Pegues and Keith Fitzhugh finished the season strong and want to do it. That's what we need. We've now got guys who see the fun in the position and they want to step up and play the position. We feel like we have at least four guys there. We are trying to work a few freshmen in like Adron Chambers and guys like that who could come in and provide depth. You have to have more than four."

What do you look for when you look for gunners?
"We look for speed and guys who have the ability to not get frustrated when they get double-teamed on the line of scrimmage."

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