My Thoughts about the NCAA Coming to MSU

These are my thoughts after reading the Clarion-Ledger article about NCAA investigators coming to MSU.<P> First things first. I had no clue this was about to come out. When I interviewed Larry Templeton, he didn't say a word about this. But then, it is my job to know and ask questions and his to respond to my questions.<P> Now, on to the facts.

Larry Templeton quote in the article: "They'll be interviewing several of our athletes," Templeton said. "They'll be following up on self-reported violations over the last 18 months. I would guess they'll be here for a day and a half."

Since secondary violations are usually very minor violations, I really don't think anything will come of those, especially since MSU self-reported them. Self-reporting is definitely in MSU's favor.

While it is never a good thing to have NCAA investigators come to your school, at least once this is over with, MSU won't have to deal with these rumors any longer. The facts will be the NCAA has come in, checked MSU out and made their results known. MSU will have a clean slate.

I'm hopeful the NCAA will come back and tell MSU that they have done a good job policing themselves and say they are satisfied with the actions MSU has taken in regard to the secondary violations. Of course, believing that may be a little naive on my part since I know very little about how the NCAA works.

A word of warning: The rumors will now fly like crazy. Please remember nothing has been said about any major violations, just secondary violations. Please don't overreact to this. As you know, the NCAA doesn't do anything fast. Therefore, nothing will be known anytime soon. I will do my best to report what is going on. However, dealing with things like this is completely new to me, therefore, I don't know if I will be able to find out anything or if a few things will leak out one way or the other.

One more thing. I don't think MSU fans are the only ones worried right now. Especially in light of this statement by LT: "They've asked permission to ask about us and about other institutions."

Gene Swindoll

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