Chambers Rushes for 223 Yards

An excited Lee Chambers called me at 7 a.m. Friday morning to give me an update on how he did Thursday night in his team's game against Montgomery County High School.

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"I had 25 carries for 223 yards and 4 touchdowns," said Lee. "One of the touchdowns was for 85 yards."

Mississippi State assistant coach J.B. Grimes, who Lee talked to after last night's game, appeared to be as impressed with his performance as I was.

"I talked to Coach Grimes after last night's game," said Lee. "He said they were going to request a copy of the game so that they could watch it."

Lee, who hasn't had the kind of games this season that he's used to having, believes that may have changed due to what he saw from his young and inexperienced offensive line last night.

"Our offensive line was awesome last night," said Lee, who is still receiving heavy recruiting interest from the likes of Southern Miss, Miami and Michigan, to name a few, despite his commitment to Mississippi State.

"I haven't talked to any (college) coaches, but my mom does at home," said Lee. "I've only talked to (MSU assistant) Coach (J.B.) Grimes. I haven't answered my cell phone when other coaches have called me, but my mom talks to coaches when they call our home."

What are his mom's thoughts about his commitment to Mississippi State now that she's talked to a few of the coaches still recruiting him?

"The coaches talk to her about my commitment and ask if I'm still open. She thinks that I may have committed too early and that I may want to consider other schools," he said.

What does he think about that?

"I follow what my mother says and I'm thinking about it," he said.

Is he still committed to Mississippi State?

"I'm still very committed to Mississippi State," said Lee.

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