Whittie Returns From Ames

Iowa State hosted seven junior college prospects on official visits this past weekend as they hosted the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Coahoma Junior College linebacker Brandon Whittie (6'1 230 4.55) was one of the visitors on hand. Josh Clark caught up with Whittie to offer this exclusive report to CycloneNation.com...

The Iowa State Cyclones are no strangers to the junior college scene. Some of their more recent stars have come from that route, and in the Class of 2007, Iowa State will once again look to help erase departed holes with veteran junior college prospects.

The Cyclones have targeted the linebacker position as a serious need, thus warranting the prospect of bringing in a junior college transfer.

Coahoma Junior College linebacker Brandon Whittie was the first JUCO linebacker hosted by the Cyclones on an official visit this past weekend.

"After the visit, Iowa is real high on my list," Whittie informed CycloneNation.com.

"I really liked the school, and really liked it up there. I thought it was better than Florida. Iowa
State had shown me some interest in high school, and here at Coahama, we had a player, LaMarcus Hicks, go to Iowa State and we always hear good things about Iowa State down here."

Whittie hails from Jacksonville, Florida where he attended Englewood High School.

Whittie signed with Mississippi State out of high school, but was a last minute non-qualifier, which
forced him to attend Coahoma Junior College.

According to Whittie, Mississippi State remains in contact, but the relationship between the two parties is not the same as it was back in 2004-05.

"Mississippi State calls once in a while, but it seems things have cooled a bit between us. My
godbrother, Anthony Littlejohn, plays there, and he tells me they are always asking about me, but I don't hear from them as much. They still have an offer for me, and I just have to see where things are," Whittie stated.

Part of the enjoyment of Whittie's visit to Ames was the experience of taking in the game against the Huskers.

"The game was like being at a (Jacksonville) Jaguars game," added Whittie, who will graduate in May
with three years of eligibility remaining to play two seasons.

"It was a high-impact game with a lot of emotion and enthusiasm on the field. I liked the stadium, and I liked how the students were in the game as soon as they entered."

Kurtis Taylor hosted Whittie on his visit.

Whittie is also receiving interest from Southern Miss, Louisana Tech, and Marshall.
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