Bailey Talks About Signing With MSU

Belaire High School big man Elgin Bailey talks about signing with Mississippi State.

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"I signed with State (Thursday) morning, but I didn't fax the papers until last night," said Elgin, who narrowed his list down to MSU and Ole Miss before ultimately selecting MSU.

"Ole Miss and Mississippi State were the only two I really considered because they were closer to home and I really liked Mississippi State," said Elgin, who had 12 scholarship offers. "I liked the city and it's closer to my family so they can come see me play."

He explained why so many college coaches liked him.

"They like how I run the court and how I listen. They said that I listen with my eyes," said Elgin.

As for the Mississippi State coach that recruited him, Robert Kirby, he liked a couple of other things as well.

"Coach Kirby said he likes my ability to come away from the goal and how I can play with my back to the goal," noted Elgin. "And that I'm not a one-dimensional player."

How would Elgin describe his game?

"I play well with my back to the goal and from the goal and I like changing people's shots," said Elgin, who is 6-8, 252 pounds. "People compare me to Big Baby (LSU's Glen Davis)."

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