Zach Smith Talks About His MSU Commitment

Susan Moore High School QB/DB Zach Smith talks about his decision to commit to Southeastern Conference member Mississippi State.

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"I talked to (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom about 15 minutes ago," said Zach. "I told him that my family and I, along with a few friends, talked about it and that I was excited about Mississippi State and that is where I want to spend my college years.

"He said he was thrilled about it and very excited. I was too. He said he was going to come see me at the beginning of the year and that we were going to get an official visit set up."

Zach explained why he decided to go ahead and make his commitment to Mississippi State.

"They have given me an opportunity and I took it," he said. "When someone says we want you bad enough to give you one of their scholarships, that's a commitment to me. Then, I'm going to make that commitment to them. I'm thrilled about Mississippi State. There was no reason for me to wait any longer."

Although it was obvious Zach was excited about the commitment, he wasn't the only one in his family excited.

"My dad said Coach Croom is a guy that you feel good about leaving your son with for five years," said Zach. "He couldn't be a better example or a better person to be your head coach."

Another reason he's looking forward to playing at MSU is the atmosphere of Starkville, Mississippi.

"I've heard about the town. It's a good college town, a place where I will enjoy being for 4 or 5 years," noted Zach. "I know some people at Mississippi State and they said they love it. They said the college life is great there. And I have a real good relationship with Melvin Smith."

As for what position he will play at State, Zach, a quarterback/defensive back in high school, said he will happy to play wherever they feel he fits best with the team.

"I am going to come in at quarterback. If they think I can be a great quarterback and help the program, hopefully, I will earn a spot there," said Zach. "But if I'm not getting the playing time like I want, they can put me at free safety. I'm willing to play wherever I can help the football team. If I can help the team more at free safety, I will be more than happy to play there. (MSU assistant coach) Melvin Smith (who recruited Zach for MSU) said I can play football for a long time at free safety. I'm not afraid to come up and hit people. And I feel I can cover a lot of ground."

Reflecting on the things he's done over the years to get to where he is now, Zach has no regrets.

"My feelings about it now is that hard work pays off. All the camps and combines we went to, that has paid off," said Zach. "Now, I'm going to be playing at an SEC school. Another thing is my dad has been more than happy to go to camp after camp and combine after combine to help me. He never complained about it one time. He was thrilled about everything that we did. Now, I'm paying him back by not having him pay for my college."

Zach, who accounted for over 460 yards and 6 touchdowns in a 42-0 victory over New Hope High School this past Thursday night in the first round of the 3A Alabama playoffs, has the state record in total offense with in excess of 10,000 yards. 3,600 of those, along with 49 touchdowns (26 passing, 23 rushing), are from this season.

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