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We have added a new feature: MSU basketball scoring efficiency by lineup combinations.

In this new postgame feature, we will analyze the scoring efficiency of each lineup combination as well as the scoring efficiency of various other combinations and individual players. Obviously, there are many factors involved in how well each combination or each player does in a combination. Therefore take that into consideration when looking at these numbers.

During the Loyola-Marymount game their were 18 lineup combinations.

Of the 11 individuals that played for MSU, below is a list of how many combinations each player participated in.

Jamont Gordon 14
Barry Stewart 14
Richard Delk 11
Reginald Delk 9
Charles Rhodes 9
Ben Hansbrough 8
Jarvis Varnado 7
Piotr Stelmach 7
Vernon Goodridge 5
Bernard Rimmer 5
Joseph Iupe 1

Team scoring efficiency by lineup combination:

Ri. Delk Stewart Hansbrough Rhodes Varnado 3:19 11-2
Ri. Delk Rhodes Re. Delk Stelmach Gordon 6:55 9-6
Stewart Rhodes Re. Delk Stelmach Gordon 6:50 6-12
Stewart Re. Delk Rimmer Varnado Gordon 1:55 6-0
Ri. Delk Stewart Re. Delk Goodridge Gordon 1:06 2-0
Ri. Delk Stewart Varnado Stelmach Gordon 0:56 2-0
Ri. Delk Stewart Re. Delk Rimmer Goodridge 0:47 2-0
Ri. Delk Rhodes Re. Delk Rimmer Gordon 1:05 1-0
Ri. Delk Stewart Rhodes Varnado Gordon 0:00 1-0
Stewart Hansbrough Varnado Stelmach Gordon 2:30 3-1
Ri. Delk Stewart Hansbrough Rhodes Gordon 4:00 4-2
Hansbrough Re. Delk Goodridge Stelmach Gordon 3:14 4-4
Ri. Delk Hansbrough Re. Delk Goodridge Gordon 1:32 4-4
Ri. Delk Stewart Iupe Rimmer Goodridge 1:34 3-3
Stewart Hansbrough Re. Delk Rimmer Varnado 2:36 2-2
Stewart Hansbrough Rhodes Varnado Gordon 0:34 1-1
Stewart Hansbrough Rhodes Stelmach Gordon 0:37 0-0
Ri. Delk Stewart Rhodes Stelmach Gordon 0:30 0-0

Team scoring efficiency when an individual player is in the lineup:

Varnado 26-6
Rimmer 14-5
Ri. Delk 39-17
Hansbrough 29-16
Stewart 41-23
Gordon 43-30
Rhodes 33-23
Goodridge 15-11
Re. Delk 36-28
Stelmach 24-23
Iupe 3-3

Misc. Combinations:

Varnado-Hansbrough-Stewart 17-6
Rhodes-Varnado 13-3
Delk-Delk 18-10

* The game stats were kept by Mary Ann Swindoll. I did the analysis.

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