Bulldog Game Participation List

Mississippi State dressed out 72 for the final home game of 2006. Of these, 55 saw action. The season-high for participation is 65 against Jacksonville State. Participants in game-nine were: (‘*' are starters; numbers are 2006 games played-games started.)

*S Keith Fitzhugh 11-9; *LB Quinton Culberson 11-11; *CB/KR Derek Pegues 11-11; WR Tony Burks 11-7; LB Gabe O'Neal 11-5; *QB Mike Henig 7-6; S De'Mon Glanton 11-4; ST Keon Humphries 10-3; WR Will Prosser 10-3; ST/CB Anthony Johnson 11-0; QB Omarr Conner 7-6; ST Marcus Washington 11-0; ST Anthony Summers 10-0; *LB Jamar Chaney 11-10; *CB David Heard 11-11; *HB Anthony Dixon 11-4; ST Derek Ambrose 6-0; ST Leron Yarbrough 10-0; ST Casey Rogers 10-1; ST/LB Carlton Rice 11-0; HB Justin Williams 7-0; *S Jeramie Johnson 11-11; *FB Brandon Hart 11-1; LB Jamon Hughes 8-1; PK Adam Carlson 11-11; HO Brooks Crabtree 11-11; ST Tim Bailey 10-0; ST Jonathan Hill 6-0; P Blake McAdams 1-11; ST Brad Horton 11-0; ST Tay Bowser 9-0; TE Dezmond Sherrod 11-5; *OG Anthony Strauder 10-5; *DE Titus Brown 11-10; *OG Brian Anderson 11-11; *LB Anthony Littlejohn 11-3; *DE Michael Heard 11-11; OT J.D. Hamilton 11-6; DS Russell Cook 11-11; *OT Craig Jenkins 11-11; *OC Royce Blackledge 11-11; *OT Mike Brown 5-4; *TE Jason Husband 11-2; ST Joey Sanders 10-0; ST Ben Shelton 9-0; *WR Lance Long 11-3; WR Aubrey Bell 5-2; TE Eric Butler 10-5; *WR Jamayel Smith 9-4; DT Antonio Johnson 11-5; DT Charles Burns 10-1; *DT Andrew Powell 11-10; DT Kyle Love 7-0; *DT Deljuan Robinson 10-7; ST Quinton Wesley 8-0.

*Players dressed-out who did not get into the game were: QB Zack Harrington 0-0; WR Ryan Mason 0-0; ST Marcus Evans 9-0; QB Ty Evans 2-0; ST Jarvis Kyles 4-0; WR Tyler Threadgill 7-1; HB Brandon Thornton 6-4; HB Christian Ducre 3-0; KO Keith Andrews 6-0; FB Taurus Young 2-0; DE Avery Hannibal 10-0; OC Johnny Carpenter 3-0; OT Chris Spencer 1-0; DT Anwar Phillips; DS Anthony Bowles 0-0; OL Roland Terry 0-0; OG Michael Gates 8-7.

*New starters for this week were: FB Brandon Hart, LB Anthony Littlejohn, LB Jamar Chaney, TE Jason Husband, WR Lance Long.

*Starters at Alabama who did not start this week were: WR Tony Burks, LB Gabe O'Neal, LB Jamon Hughes, WR Aubrey Bell, TE Eric Butler.

*Players this week who did not play last week were: QB Omarr Conner, ST Leron Yarbrough, ST Casey Rogers, ST Jonathan Hill, DT Kyle Love.

*Players in the Alabama game who did not play today were: ST Marcus Evans, DE Avery Hannibal, OG Michael Gates.

*MSU game captains were LB Quinton Culberson, TE Dezmond Sherrod, and ST Keon Humphries.

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