Co-Eric Riley Remains Committed to MSU

Co-Eric Riley remains committed to Mississippi State but he confirms that he is considering three other collges.

Co-Eric Riley Profile Page:

"I'm still committed to State but I'm also still looking, though," said Co-Eric.

He named the other schools that have caught his eye.

"State is still number one right now, but Oklahoma State and Tennessee are right there, too," noted Co-Eric. "Really, all three of them are in the same category. Ole Miss is last."

He explained why the three other schools have jumped into the picture.

"Oklahoma State has a big receiver leaving this year. And they said I'm the only receiver they are going to sign this year. So, I think I could come in and play a big role up there," explained Co-Eric. "I like Tennessee because they have a couple of receivers leaving and I think I can come in and play. (Tennessee Assistant) Coach (Matt) Luke has stayed with me ever since high school. He's never turned his back on me. That's why they are up there. Ole Miss needs a lot of receivers this year."

As of now, he's set up official visits with all three schools. He previously visited MSU officially in September.

"I have a visit scheduled to Ole Miss on December 8th," confirmed Co-Eric. "I also have a visit with Oklahoma State on January 12th. And then I'm going to Tennessee on the 24th or 25th."

Will Mississippi State hang onto this very talented receiver or will one of the other schools pull him away? Keep it on to find out the answer.

Check out 2006 video of Co-Eric.

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