Chambers Busy With Calls, Visits And Rehab

Coffeeville (MS) High School running back Lee Chambers, a Mississippi State commitment, has received calls and in-home and in-school visits from numerous college coaches the past two weeks in addition to going to rehab three times a week.

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Like so many of the hot senior football prospects throughout the nation, Lee now has a bunch of new best buddies since November 26th, the first day college coaches could make in-home and in-school visits and call prospects more than once a week. And Lee has no shortage of buddies.

"(Assistant) Coach (J.B.) Grimes from Mississippi State calls," said Lee. "(MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom sometimes calls. (Assistant) Coach (Sparky) Woods from Alabama calls. (Assistant) Coach (Robert) Gillespie from South Carolina. (Assistant) Coach (Derrick) Nix from Southern Miss. (Assistant) Coach (Joe) Pannunzio from Miami and (Assistant) Coach (Steve) Caldwell from Tennessee."

Several have made it a point of calling him on a daily basis, while the others aren't far behind.

"The three who call daily are Mississippi State, of course, Coach Woods from Alabama and Coach Pannunzio from Miami," confirmed Lee. "The others call maybe twice or three times a week."

Obviously being a Mississippi State commitment, Grimes and Croom talk to him from a different perspective then the others.

"I spend a lot of time talking to Coach Grimes and Coach Croom of Mississippi State," acknowledged Lee. "They talk to my mom a lot about things I need to get done so that when I get there everything will be taken care of."

Despite the commitment, coaches haven't hesitated to not only call Lee, but also to make their personal appeals to him face to face in the hope of changing his mind.

"Coach Woods from Alabama has been by twice. He had an in-home visit but he also was at the school today. Coach Woods and my principal were in the guidance counselor's office going over some academic stuff," noted Lee. "I also had an in-home visit with Coach Nix today. He came by the school first to make sure it was ok for him to make an in-home visit today. Mississippi State has been by plenty. Coach Grimes was the first one to set up an in-home visit with me. He came by November 26th on an in-home visit. Coach Pannunzio is talking about an in-home visit. Coach Gillespie said he and (head) Coach (Steve) Spurrier will probably come in after Christmas."

Have any of the coaches made any inroads with him?

"There has been no change at all, I'm still committed to Mississippi State," declared Lee. "I tell them that I'm pretty sold on Mississippi State. But I also tell them that my mom wants me to see what is out there because I haven't seen anything. So, I want them to continue recruiting me and do their best."

So far, three and possibly four of the schools will be given an opportunity to showcase their football programs and campuses over the course of the next two months.

"My first visit was supposed to be December 2nd at Alabama, but with the controversial going on over there about the head coach I had to cancel that. Coach Woods said when they get everything settled they will try to work with my schedule and set up a visit," confirmed Lee. "Now my first visit will be December 16th to Southern Miss. January 12th, I go to Tennessee. January 19th, I visit Mississippi State. January 26th, I go to South Carolina."

Unlike all the other top prospects, Lee has also had to deal not only with recruiting but the rehab of a shoulder that he had surgery on a few days after his season ended.

"I had the (shoulder) surgery November 15th. I won't be out of my sling until December 27th, which is a total of six weeks," noted Lee. "As far as playing, I'm supposed to be back by mid-April. I go to rehab Monday, Wednesday and Friday and every time I go to my therapist she tells me that I'm doing good and recovering faster than she thought I would. But I don't want to jump back into it too early."

And considering all the schools that would love to see him playing in their uniform next season, I suspect those coaches would agree with him 100%.

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