Jessie Bowman Talks About His Commitment

Copiah-Lincoln Community College defensive tackle Jessie Bowman, one of the top two junior college defensive linemen in the state of Mississippi and recently named All-American, has made his verbal commitment to Mississippi State.

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The words flowed easy for Jessie.

"I'm going to be a Bulldog," said Jessie. "(MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom just left my house. He was real excited. (MSU assistant) Coach (Brick) Haley was with him. He was also real excited."

He explained several reasons that put Mississippi State over the top.

"The coaching staff and the team atmosphere (were reasons)," said Jessie. "Most of the guys from my 2005 class that I played with in the all-star game are already up there. I feel like with most of us together we will be real strong and can win the SEC and go for a national championship."

Another positive reason was his recruiting coach and soon to be position coach, Brick Haley.

"Coach Haley is the man. They put him on me. He was the reason that put State over the edge," said Jessie. "It is going to be an honor to play for Coach Haley because he is so down to earth and he's in it for the players' success. It will be easy to play your heart out for a guy like him."

Although he was an MSU commitment out of high school, this wasn't an easy decision for Jessie.

"This was a difficult decision," said Jessie. "Ole Miss and Miami came after me hard. Due to my team's success, I've had more schools come at me. It has been a tough experience, but a good experience. It is a decision that will effect the rest of my life."

Now that he's made his decision, how solid is it?

"Oh, my decision is final. That is where I am going," said Jessie.

Check out Jessie's video from this past season -

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