Chambers Talks About His USM Visit

Coffeeville (MS) High School running back Lee Chambers officially visited Southern Miss this past weekend. What are his thoughts about the visit? And where does he stand as far as his commitment to Mississippi State?

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First, his impression of the visit.

"First of all I would like to start off by saying that I'm still solid with Mississippi State," said Lee. "But it was a great visit, like any other visit is going to be."

He talked about the things that impressed him.

"The main thing I like about them is they win and they have fun doing it because I was at practice," said Lee. "They are kind of laid back but they still have fun. I like that. That was a positive.

"I also got to know the coaches better. As for the players, I knew a few of them. Another positive was they picked a host off the football team to show me around the whole weekend. And I think (assistant) Coach (Derrick) Nix did a good job of picking my host because we had a lot of things in common. His name is Bobby Weakley. He was Jerious Norwood's fullback (at Brandon HS)."

Now that he's had time to think about his visit and the effect it had on him, how close are they to Mississippi State?

"They are not close but they aren't far behind either," explained Lee. "But don't get me wrong, Southern Miss is a great school."

As for his remaining visits, things have changed since I last talked to Lee.

"I have bumped South Carolina and I'm going to Miami January 26th," stated Lee. "I am going to bump Tennessee and as soon as things get right with Alabama, I'm going to take a visit there, probably January 12th. I'm going to Mississippi State the 19th (of January). I'm not taking any other visits."

What are his thoughts about his remaining visits?

"After I took that visit, I'm ready to ...." said Lee who tailed off then continued by saying, "I haven't spent the weekend in Starkville, you know at Mississippi State. So, I'm very excited to see how things are going to be when I go to Mississippi State. That could make a difference between the two. But, as of right now, they are behind Mississippi State, but not far behind."

The Mississippi State coaches talked to Lee before and after his official visit.

"(MSU assistant) Coach (J.B.) Grimes came by the school and visited me Thursday before I left that Friday for the visit," noted Lee. "I called (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom after I got back from my visit. He talked about the visit. He said he knew I would have a good time, but he was like are you ready to be a Bulldog? I was like yes sir (laugh)."

With his first visit out of the way and the recruiting dead period now in effect, Lee can spend the necessary time rehabbing his shoulder.

"My rehab is going great," said Lee. "I'm out of the sling except I have to sleep with it on so I won't do something like reach for the phone if it rings during the night. I just started my real rehab last Wednesday. I go three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also have started running daily. I run 15 gassers and twelve 40-yard dashes."

But once January rolls around, recruiting picks back up. And Lee's looking forward to it.

"I'll get ready for the next visit to see what excitement it will bring," said Lee.

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