MSU By The Numbers: A Cumulative Look

MSU basketball scoring efficiency by lineup combinations for the Loyola-Marymount, Winthrop, Charlotte and Texas A&-Corpus Christi, South Alabama, McNeese State and Alabama State games.

In this postgame feature we analyze the scoring efficiency of each lineup combination as well as the scoring efficiency of various other combinations and by player. Obviously, there are many factors involved in how well each combination or each player, for that matter, does. Hence, this feature is more for entertainment value than a true indication of how well each lineup or player does during a game and during the season.

During the 7 game there were 116 lineup combinations.

Of the 12 players that played for MSU, below is a list of how many combinations each played in and the percentage of combinations they played in.

Barry Stewart 87 (75%)
Jamont Gordon 79 (68%)
Ben Hansbrough 78 (67%)
Richard Delk 64 (55%)
Reginald Delk 64 (55%)
Charles Rhodes 57 (49%)
Jarvis Varnado 46 (40%)
Vernon Goodridge 41 (35%)
Bernard Rimmer 30 (26%)
Piotr Stelmach 22 (19%)
Billy Begley 6 (5%)
Joseph Iupe 5 (4%)

Scoring by lineup (I'll add the top 5 sometime Wednesday-Gene.):


Scoring efficiency by individual player:

Jamont Gordon 424-318 (+106)
Ben Hansbrough 393-293 (+100)
Richard Delk 355-269 (+86)
Barry Stewart 343-259 (+84)
Reginald Delk 356-278 (+78)
Jarvis Varnado 234-175 (+59)
Charles Rhodes 258-203 (+55)
Vernon Goodridge 166-113 (+53)
Bernard Rimmer 91-83 (+8)
Piotr Stelmach 81-84 (-3)
Billy Begley 13-9 (+4)
Joseph Iupe 9-16 (-7)

Misc. Combinations

Richard Delk-Reginald Delk 193-156 (+37)
Charles Rhodes-Jarvis Varnado 65-43 (+22)
Barry Stewart-Ben Hansbrough-Jarvis Varnado 68-48 (+10)
Charles Rhodes-Vernon Goodridge 51-28 (+23)
Barry Stewart-Ben Hansbrough-Jamont Gordon 158-123 (+35)

[Mary Ann Swindoll keeps up with the By The Numbers stats during the games. I calculate these numbers from her stats.-Gene]

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