Dallas Walker is Looking at His Options

Madison Ridgeland Academy's Dallas Walker continues to see his options increase. And he plans on looking at all of them before making his final decision.

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"I spoke with (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom quite awhile (Sunday) on the phone. He basically said that they are overcommitted right now and aren't able to offer certain guys like they wanted to, me being one of them. But he said they really want me," said Dallas. "There's no doubt about that. He would like for me to come in and I would be greyshirted. He said the second he was able to, they would put me on scholarship. There's no doubt in my mind that that will happen if I choose to go that route. He said they want to bring me in for an official visit and talk to me more about it."

As for visits, he's now got three set up with others possible.

"I've got visits to Memphis on the weekend of the 19th (of January), (Mississippi) State on the 26th and Southern Miss is the weekend of February 2nd," said Dallas. "Arkansas State called me yesterday to set up an official visit on the 26th. But I talked to Coach Croom (Sunday) and I think I'm going to Starkville on the 26th instead. I'm not sure what will happen with Arkansas State. And Coach Dickey from Florida State called me about two weeks ago. I think they had a scout at the (academy) all-star game. He said he would be getting back with me after the dead period and talk to me a little more. Texas A&M is still in contact with me off and on. They are supposed to get back in touch with me in the next week or two."

Although it appears three schools have a slight lead, Dallas is keeping his options open.

"As far as State, Southern and Memphis go, I like all three of those schools a lot. I know the coaching staffs pretty well," he said. "I'm just going to take my official visits. I'm not going to make a decision on any of the official visits. I definitely want to visit all three. Then, I'll make a decision after the Southern (Miss) visit. I also want to wait and see what route Florida State and Texas A&M want to take. I'm keeping everything open right now."

That also includes keeping everything open as far as what position he will play on the next level.

"It doesn't matter to me which position that I play. I just want to play. I'll go wherever I can get early playing time, no matter which position it is," said the youngster.

And he's got numerous options ranging from quarterback, to wide receiver to tight end. And even defensive end.

"What (Coach Croom) wants me to do is get up to 240 to 250 and put me at wide receiver or tight end," said Dallas. "(He) saw me catch some balls at their camp. And he said I have some of the best hands that he has seen. His main thing was actually tight end. He talked about receiver, too. He also said, depending on what the situation is with quarterback, they would try me there and see what happens.

"Memphis and Southern, when they came in on their in-home visits, said they are recruiting me as an athlete. When I get there, they will try me out at receiver or quarterback. Neither one talked to me about tight end. At one point, they were all talking quarterbacks. But I think both schools came to the all-star game. And when they saw me play wideout I think it changed their feelings a little bit. Arkansas State's coach brought up defensive end due to my speed. I played safety my 10th and 11th grade years. He said that he knows that I love to hit and that defensive end could be an option, too. There's no telling where I could end up."

Who will ultimately win out for this very talented athlete?

Keep it on Scout.com to find out.

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