Bulldog Club Update

Mississippi State great Bailey Howell helped us kick-off our first ever volunteer fund drive this week in Jackson and Starkville. We were hoping to have 50 workers around the state, southeast and the country sign-up to get this off the ground and we already have over 70 workers and growing each day.

We will be in Birmingham, Meridian, Memphis and the Delta next week meeting with the volunteers and getting them geared up for their work. Bailey will be with us and I would like to share a quick story from this week.

Mississippi State alum Jamie Dryden called me Tuesday morning and told me that he was excited to go to the fund-drive meeting that night in Jackson because as Jamie said, "it's not everyday that an NBA Hall of Famer calls me and reminds me about a meeting I need to be at." Jamie and the other volunteers were there as Bailey told a few stories about Red Auerbach, Bill Russell's Lamborghini being caught on a bridge in a snowstorm, and his days as a salesman for Converse.

Bailey reminded us all that if someone said "no" when they were asked for a gift for the Bulldog Club that we should all "just brush the dirt off and go make the next call." We know that everyone really enjoyed getting a chance to hear from Bailey and he has vowed to be a very active leader during the fund drive. We sure appreciate Bailey stepping up and helping out Mississippi State!

We are still recruiting volunteers for this year. Currently we have volunteers in Texas, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee & throughout Mississippi. If you or someone you know would want to help, please contact us and we will get you signed up.


We are still in the planning stages but we are working with Dr. Jimmy Abraham and the Mississippi State Alumni Association to start a Bulldog Caravan this spring.

We will be making seven, eight stops around the region with President Foglesong, coaches, Bully, etc. At most stops we will visit two local middle schools, make a stop at a civic luncheon, spend time with corporate sponsors/local media, and then that night do a Bulldog Club and Alumni Association family barbecue.

The Caravan will give us an opportunity to wave the Mississippi State flag and get in front of over 1000 people a day. That will help us with student recruiting, season ticket sales, and Bulldog Club and Alumni Association memberships.

More information will follow but please keep in mind that we will make decisions on where to go by geographic region and alumni size. There will be some places we go to every year and some places will be an every other or every third - fourth year place. We will do all we can to get around and get close enough to where you can come join the festivities.


We are pleased to announce that the Bulldog Club and Alumni Association will be hosting a football recruiting party in Jackson on Wednesday, February 7th. We hope you can join Coach Croom that evening in celebrating our new recruits.

Date: Wednesday, February 7th

Time: 6:00pm reception, 6:30 program

Location: Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, off Lakeland Drive in Jackson

Speaker: Sylvester Croom

Cost: $15 per person (cash or check only), Age 18 and under free. Menu: Heavy Hors d'oeuvres


Q: Is it permissible for a booster to pay the registration fees associated with summer sports camps for a prospect?

A: No. A booster may not pay any fees associated with sports camps. (Bylaw

Thanks for taking the time to read the Bulldog Club Update. We appreciate what you do for Mississippi State Athletics and want to encourage you to get others involved. We hope to see you at our events. Sunday women's basketball hosts LSU. Men's basketball heads to the Bluegrass to take on Kentucky. Go Dawgs!

How to contact the Bulldog Club:

  • Email: bulldog-club@athletics.msstate.edu
  • Phone: 662-325-3074

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