Bama Impresses, but Still Committed to MSU

Coffeeville (MS) High School running back Lee Chambers talks about his official visit to Alabama and where he stands as far as his commitment to Mississippi State.

Lee Chambers Profile Page:

Before starting this article, I want to clarify something. I was about the fifth reporter to talk to Lee about his official visit to Alabama. Normally, when a youngster has talked to a reporter or two from I don't see any need to call him that same day. However, Sunday, while traveling in my vehicle, I called Lee to set up a time to do an interview later in the afternoon. He was preparing for an in-home visit from his Miami recruiting coach, so we set up 7 p.m. as the time I would call back.

As you would expect, things changed. More reporters called him and posted their stories, so at about 6:30 I called Lee back to see if he still wanted to do the interview. He said he did because of the recruit-reporter relationship we have developed over the course of the past year, so we did the interview.

Now the interview.

Like all the other interviews, he talked about the things that impressed him about his visit to Tuscaloosa, the town, the people.

"I've heard stories about the town of Tuscaloosa being a football town," said Lee. "I finally got to see it myself and it was everything that was advertised. The people in Tuscaloosa love Alabama football. When I was out with Justin Woodall, my player-host, and we were at this convenience store this older man came up and asked Justin if he was Justin Woodall. He told him yes and then the man started talking to him about next season. That happened all while I was down there. People in town just come up and greet the football players.

"It was like home, but it wasn't like home. I was real comfortable. The players were all cool and all get along. They are pretty much like a big family."

Obviously, he came away impressed. But was he impressed enough to reconsider his commitment to Mississippi State?

"I'm still committed to Mississippi State," said Lee. "Mississippi State still has the lead, but I would say their lead is kind of tight now."

He explained the advantages that each school has.

"The advantages that Mississippi State has is that they have been there from the beginning," said Lee, whose official visit to MSU is this coming weekend. "They are kind of family-oriented too. They all get along. And I love Mississippi State because they are in Mississippi and I have ties to them."

Alabama's advantages?

"The advantages that Alabama has is their facilities, their new dorms. Their new dorms are like mini apartments. And I like how (all their facilities) are right there where (the players) don't have to leave except to go to class. The town is also an advantage although I don't know all that there is to do in Starkville. But I know in Tuscaloosa there are a number of things to do to have fun. You can go to the movies. And there is a mall in Tuscaloosa, things like that."

Has his official visit to MSU taken on even more importance to him than it had before his official visit to Alabama?

"I think the visit to Mississippi State is going to be very important because after I left my visit to Alabama ... I mean I know I'm committed to Mississippi State and had my mind made up .... but after I left Alabama my mind was wondering," said Lee. "I was thinking like Alabama has this to offer, Mississippi State doesn't. Mississippi State has this to offer, but Alabama doesn't. I was kind of weighing the odds and that's got me thinking a whole lot."

While the odds are in Mississippi State's favor, it appears his upcoming visit to MSU will play a huge factor in whether those odds increase or decrease.

Keep it on to find out what the odds will be next Sunday afternoon.

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