It's All "Working Out" For Wes

The name Wesley Carroll is one Bulldog fans became fairly familiar with very early in the recruiting process. With the Bulldogs expected to sign two high school quarterbacks in the 2007 signing class, the name Wes Carroll was placed near the top of the Bulldog fans' wish list. Shortly after the regular season, the fans got their wish when Wes committed to Mississippi State.

Wesley Carroll

Once Wes made his college decision public, he effectively ended the recruiting process.

"It's definite," said Carroll. "I let the other schools know that I am committed to Mississippi State. No one is really bothering me anymore, which is nice. It's a good relief."

Carroll held offers from Duke, North Carolina State and Central Florida in addition to his one from Mississippi State. Coach Woody McCorvey was responsible for recruitng Wes and Coach McCorvey's style appears to have made the difference.

"I started leaning their way more towards the end of the season when I realized that they were the school that had been with me since the beginning," said Wes. "From the beginning the recruiting only got better. It never got to a point where they were annoying me. They were just doing a great job recruiting me. The way I felt about them and the way I saw myself fitting in with them made a difference."

With a berth in the state championship game now behind him, Wes is ready to turn his attention towards getting ready for college football.

"Aside from learning the offense, which is the obvious thing, I need to work on size," said Carroll. "I need to put as much muscle on as I can. You can never have enough strength."

While many other players are involved in other sports or activities, Carroll will be enjoying his last semester as a high school student away from the fields of competition.

"I am just going to be working out," said Carroll. "I am taking some time off, finally. I don't have any other commitments, so I am just focusing on graduating and working out."

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