"It was awesome."

Magnolia Heights School's Addison Lawrence, a Mississippi State commitment, talked about his official visit to Mississippi State that included 19 other MSU commitments.

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"It was awesome," said Addison, who was hosted by J. C. Brignone. "The main thing I liked was meeting some of the players that are already down there and learning what they have already been through.

"I also had a lot of fun hanging out with the recruits in the dorms. It was the nicest dorm that I have seen. It was the first time for me to be in the dorms and seeing how college life really is. We toured the town, saw the sights and met the people. We also got to see the locker room and what it is like on gameday. It was awesome."

Also awesome was a speech Coach Croom gave to the recruits and their families.

"Coach Croom gave a speech to us. And I had heard he is a great speaker, but I had never heard him until then. And it's true, he's a great speaker," said the still excited youngster. "After the speech I wanted to strap the uniform on right then. He talked about what we are going to be doing in the future and that it is our time to win and about how hard the players have been working. They shared with us a highlight film of the Alabama game. It just made us want to get out there and play."

And with 19 future teammates with him at that very moment there was no other way to describe it than to say, "It was awesome because everybody that was there were pretty much committed," said Addison. "Coach Croom even called it, during one of his speeches, our first team meeting."

And Addison let it be known that his official visit was the first of what will be many more team meetings for him.

"The visit made my commitment even more solid. I'm 100% solid," he said. "There's nothing that can change my mind."

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