Osby Takes in Dogs and Gators

Romero Osby's name is near the top of a lot of college recruiters' wish list. Scout's #4 small forward nationally has a proverbial who's who on his list of interested schools. Romero reports it may be a while before that list gets whittled down.

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This past Wednesday night the top ranked Florida Gators visited Mississippi State and Romero was one of 10,338 spectators on hand.

"I went to the game," said Romero. "I loved the atmosphere. I see everywhere Florida goes they get that hatred. It reminds me of my high school games. It was a great game. I loved watching Taurean Green, Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah in person. It was a great atmosphere."

Osby explains that at times he felt as if he were about to witness an upset with national implications.

"I thought we were about to see some history," chuckled Romero. "I felt that in the end Florida was going to pull it out because they have so much size down low. Mississippi State was limited on that, especially when they got in foul trouble."

Osby has a laundry list of offers, but is not quite ready to tip his hand.

"I don't really have any favorites," explained Romero. "All of my offers are pretty much the same as they were. I am not going to shut anyone out. I know it's every young man's dream to play college basketball, so I am going to keep my options open for a while."

"I am not sure what schools I am going to even visit. I don't have a top five yet. I know I am going to have to start narrowing things down. I will probably start taking a look at all of that after the summer."

Before that time comes Romero plans to spend a lot of time on the summer showcase circuit.

"I am thinking about playing with Southeast Elite out of Alabama or World-Wide Renegade out of Atlanta, one of those two," said Osby.

Romero will be back in action this Friday night against Newton High School.

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