Robert Elliott Enjoyed His MSU Visit

Okolona (MS) High School's Robert Elliott,'s 8th ranked running back in the nation, enjoyed his official visit to MSU. Now he starts the process as to which school he will choose - Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Florida State or Memphis.

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"Keith Fitzhugh was my host," said Robert, who didn't get home from his visit until the middle of the afternoon. "Keith is a good guy. I already knew him. We just had fun, chillin, you know, talking crazy. Just having fun. He is a cool guy. And the rest of the guys on the team are cool. We already have a good bond with each other."

As for the visit itself, it was about what Robert had expected.

"There wasn't anything new about the visit. It was the same," said Robert, who has visited his sister, an MSU student, numerous times at MSU. "I just had fun and enjoyed myself.

"All the visits were the same. I enjoyed all of them."

Robert went on the trip with several other people, including his mom.

"My mom, my brother, and my little brother's friend went with me," said Robert. "My mom liked the visit. She enjoyed herself and felt real comfortable on the visit, like she was right at home."

Comfortable enough, in fact, to stay even longer than Robert.

"My mom's still up there, I left her with my sister. They are up there shopping and hanging out," said Robert, with a slight chuckle. "They went to City Trends, Hibbett's and they are at Wal-mart now. When they went to Wal-Mart, I told her I was tired and just going home. She's going to come back home with my sister."

Then, he and his mom will start the decision-making process as to which school he will sign with on signing day.

"When my mom gets home we'll begin talking about the schools and visits," said Robert.

And come signing day, we'll let you know what Robert, with help from his mom, has decided.

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